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Electric Wine Aerator and Dispenser – Easy Touch Operation – Built-in Li-ion battery – Gift Box.

JIFAR Electronic Wine Aerator is designed to aerate the wine immediately with one simple touch. It has a powerful pump inside, providing strong airflow to pump the wine out into your glass.


One-Touch Electric Wine Aerator and Electric Wine Dispenser Electric Suction Device Quickly Wake Up the Wine.

With built-in Magnetic force, oxidize device and red-light generator, the wine aerator is able to reduce the astringency of the wine in a second. You do not have to oxidize and mature your wine in traditional ways and just enjoy its purity, aroma when it is dispensed into your Goblet.

Just one touch start aerator, you can enjoy it.


1. If you long press switch button 15 seconds when starting the aerator, the power indicator light will flash one time, and the indicator will always indicatoring, which will not turn off any more.

2. If you want to turn off the power indicator light that always indicatoring, please long press the switch button 15 seconds, until the indicator lights flash one time, then the light will turn off within 30 seconds.

Electric Wine Decanter


One-touch Operation:

Electronic Red Wine aerator pourer decanter designed to take wine sediment away and super quiet design.

This wine accessory features an airtight rubber seal, so your wines remain fresh while you drink.

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Electric Wine Aerator Dispenser is the best gift for someone who likes/is going to hold a party.

Wine aerator is easy to use

1.Connect the guide tube to the aerator

2.Put the guide tube into the wine bottle

3.Press the ON/OFF button to siphon the wine



Best Gift Preferred to Share

Exclusive gift kit can be a perfect present for any occasion like wedding, birthday, anniversary, retirement, housewarming. Delicate design of this electric wine aerator makes it become best gifts for wine lovers.

Effortless maintenance:

Insert the tubes into clean water and press the white button, finish cleaning when the water becomes clean. use a dishcloth to wipe the tube,body and spout


Please note: store your decenter in a dry place until your next use.







wine preserver longer:

1.Oxygenated wine aerating, made the red wine volatilized more flavor molecules in red wine.

2.Bring in more oxygen and combine with red wine.

3.Magnetic design made the tannin more alcoholize when the red wine go through the magnet.

4.Red light’s wave length is the longest, it can penetrate the wine and accelerate the red wine oxidation.


The decanter works with most standard US and EU wine, scotch, and whiskey bottle shapes.

The flexible tube fits into shorter and larger bottles, particularly whiskey. wine infuser & wine tap aerator & wine decanter easy to clean .


Dimensions : 6.5 x2.5 x 2.5 in

Weight : 0.85 lbs

Box Contents:

1x Decanter

1x User Manual

1x Velvet bag

1x USB charge cable

2x Flexible Tube

?【SIMPLE 1-BUTTON AERATION】:With a simple push of a button perfectly aerated wine is delivered straight to your glass. It softens tannins and enriches your wine for luxurious taste. it is the best gifts for wine lovers.
?【WINE PRESERVER LONGER】:Wine Aerator provides more than any other aerator the needed air contact surface to increase oxidation. wine accessory features an airtight rubber seal, so your wines remain fresh while you drink.
?【HIGH QUALITY & UNIQUE NO NOISE DESIGN】 : Pour wine precisely from the spout without any sediment, very easy to use, and clean. No need for lifting, aiming, spilling, or waiting. This ultimate wine accessory will amaze your friends and family at any celebration.
?【USB CHARGING】: Built-in battery . It can be used for any wine bottle because it has a universal fit that attaches to all wine bottle types. It is also portable and can be easily attached or detached for convenience.
?【EFFORTLESS MAINTENANCE】: self-cleaning device . tubes into clean water and press the white button, finish cleaning when the water becomes clean, Safe and simple., $45.99, [price_with_discount]

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