Aldi Food Items That Have Cult Followings

Aldi has become the favorite grocery store of many shoppers in recent years, as customers love their minimalist outlook and low prices. They may not carry top name brands, but that doesn’t mean that their products are bad, and many of them have developed cult followings, not unlike the items at Trader Joe’s. You may not think that you could get good wine at Aldi, but you would be wrong, as you can try either the cheaper Winking Owl brand or the fancier Cotes de Provence Rose. Let’s take a look at a few Aldi food items that have developed cult followings.

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Paradise Fruit Blend | 0:00
Priano Pumpkin and Sage Ravioli | 0:51
Claffey’s Frozen Cocktails | 1:20
Mimosa Wine | 1:56
Who Needs the Bagel? Seasoning | 2:42
‘Red bag’ chicken | 3:10
Specially Selected Brioche Buns | 3:45
Girl Scout-style cookies | 4:26
Clancy’s Cinnamon Apple Straws | 5:18
Winking Owl Wine | 6:07
Choceur Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups | 7:11
Cotes de Provence Rose | 7:53
Zero Net Carbs Wheat Bread | 8:27
Happy Farms String Cheese | 8:55

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Title: Aldi Food Items That Have Cult Followings
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