ABRUZZO ITALY – Truffle Feast

Day 7: Italy Unexplored
Grotte Stiffe, Truffle feast, Basciano (Nonna’s birth town)

Being the second last day there are a mix of emotions as we take a journey to Basciano, Nonna’s birth town. Our first stop is a visit to mysterious waterfalls in caves, a natural occurance which has built up over centuries and now a sight for tourists in the know and with helmets adorning each head our guests enjoy the outstanding strips of ice which have created formations beyond imagination.

Naturally it’s then time for lunch, and today is Abruzzo on a plate. A degustation of local truffle and saffron dishes, leaving all with a true taste of the region. While the dishes seem almost never ending, turns out Vincenzo has a surprise in store and a large berry mille foglie cake turns up to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary!

While tummies are full we then move on to Basciano where Nonna, Graziella and Paolo all meat us for a light dinner of bruschetta and arrosticoni as we chat away and start to look back on the week that was…

One day to go and what an adventure it will be! We started with a family feast and end om the exact same note!

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