“Leave The GUN, Take The CANNOLIS” Clemenza (Richard Castellano of Jersey) tells Rocco who just “Made His Bones” whacking Paulie who set up Don Corleone …  Sonny finds out and this Clemenza he doesn’t want to see him any more (WHACK Him “Kill”)


This is a Classic scene in the Mario Puzzo – Francis Ford Coppola classic “The Godfather”

We see Clemanza holding the box of Cannolis for his wife who was the one who told Clemenza when he was leaving their house “Don’t Forget the CANNOLIS”

This is One of The Most Famous and most-quoted lines in movie history.





ROCCO’S PASTRIES, Bleecker Street Greenwich Village, NEW YORK


Yes, “don’t Forget The Cannolis,” Clemenza’s wife tells him as he leaves the house. And if you’ve ever tried the Cannolis at Rocco’s Pastries on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village New York, you won’t want to forget thes tasty Sicilian Specialties either. Yes Cannolis are Sicilian. And speaking of Sicilian Pastries, fi you don’t already know, Sicily is renowned for having both the Best Gelato and best pastries in the whole of Italy. I’m Sicilian American and I was practically weaned on these tasty little treats. And Rocco’s around the block from my apartment (Lucky Me) makes the best in The City. Believe me! Rocco’s is a truly wonderful Pastry Shop that makes all sorts of amazing Italian Cookies, Cakes, and Pastries like Cannoli, Sfogiatelle, Eclairs, Rhum Baba, Lobster Tails and much more. 

When you walk into the place, you’ll just love it. It’s absolutely wonderful, with showcases that stretch about 30 feet, filled with Rocco’s Mouthwatering Cookies, Cakes, and Pastries. They’ve got Coffee and Italian Ices too. The ambiance is wonderful, and you can sit down at the caffe tables for an Espresso, Cappuccino, and whatever marvelous sweets you decide to eat. They are all quite Irresistible.  You are sure to have a little quandary as you try to decide which of the huge selection you will take home. But it is quite a good Quandary to be in. Enjoy!




“BEST CANNOLIS In TOWN”  ROCCO’S PASTRIES, Greenwich Village, New York 







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