Wine Decanter WBSEos-Amazing U-shaped design can provide powerful ventilation effect. Use 100% lead-free crystal glass, hand-blown red wine Decanter / carafe

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wine decanterwine decanter

1. Blown lead-free crystal, light and thin, with water-like lustrous texture, bringing out the elegance of red wine.

2. Elegant design curve, the red wine slides down the curve, accelerates the wine proofing speed, and awakens the charming fragrance of red wine.

3.The U-shaped design looks very unique and delicate, showing your home style decoration, adding undeniable elegance to your home bar and/or living room. Use it as an exquisite display or center decoration on the dining table, and you will surely impress your friends and friends with good wine and food.

4.Get the perfect gift-whether it’s birthday, Mother’s Day or Christmas, it is the perfect gift idea for wine lovers and lovers.

wine decanter

wine decanter

wine decanter

wine decanter

wine decanter

wine decanter

The sleek mouth of the bottle is cut diagonally, silky smooth without curling.

Slender and calm, effective filtration, control flow, prevent overflow.

Classic big belly shape, wide base shape design, large area contact with air oxidation, speed up wine proofing.

wine decanterwine decanter

Color 1500ML

Brand WBSEos

Capacity 1500 Milliliters

Material Crystal Glass

Item Weight 1.3 Pounds

Hand-blown-WBSEos decanter is made of 100% lead-free crystal glass. The round mouth is polished by laser cold cutting and multiple processes, without curling. With a capacity of 1500ML, it perfectly pours a bottle of standard size wine.
U-shaped design-easy-to-dump oblique nozzle, avoid overflow and dripping through our specially designed inclined top. The curved oblique mouth ensures that your wine flows effortlessly from the water tank to the glass, allowing you to concentrate on pouring and drinking wine to achieve your inner taste.
Suitable for all occasions-add elegance to your home bar-WBSEos’ design adds undeniable elegance to your home bar and living room. Using it as an exquisite decoration or core decoration on the table will definitely leave a deep impression on your friends and your wine and food partners.
The perfect gift-whether it is Christmas, birthday, Father’s Day, or Mother’s Day, it is an ideal gift for wine lovers and lovers. It is one of the most important wine decanter aerator accessories!
Our decanter is light in weight, balanced, easy to grasp, and the thin inverted lip can also achieve drip-free pouring. And our automatic water dispenser is dishwasher safe and easy to clean!, $39.99, [price_with_discount]

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