True Shark Corkscrew, Soft Touch Double-Hinged Waiter’s Style Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener, Gift for Wine Lovers and Animal Lovers

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Need a snappy corkscrew that sinks its teeth into any bottle? When you and your chums want to open some wine, this is the tool you’ll chews. The Shark Corkscrew by True Zoo is all about chomping bottle caps and preying on unsuspecting wine corks. We’re not pulling your leg. This corkscrew’s sleek design features a soft-touch body and stainless steel double-hinged action with bottle-opening jaw and foil-cutting top fin. This is one great white shark you’ll want with you at the beach, or any time you need to open a bottle out of the blue.
SNAPPY CORKSCREW SINKS ITS TEETH INTO ANY BOTTLE – Double-hinged corkscrews provide the perfect leverage for easily opening wine bottles. This great white shark corkscrew also boasts a sleek body and easy grip thanks to the soft-touch finish, making it a sturdy, simple way to open your whites and reds with ease.
YOU’LL WANT TO CHEWS THIS SWIMMINGLY GOOD CORKSCREW – That’s a couple of shark puns for you. The soft touch comfortable grip and compact corkscrew size makes a sleek, travel-friendly and pocket sized bar tool for your kitchen. Every metal piece folds open and close for ease of use.
PERFECT SHARK SHAPE, DOWN TO THE FOIL CUTTING FIN – Do you love shark week? Is there a shark lover in your life? Know someone who loves the movie Jaws? Anyone who loves sharks or sea creatures will be impressed by the unique ways we fit a double-hinged corkscrew, bottle opener and foil cutter into this great white shark profile.
WE’RE NOT PULLING YOUR LEG, THIS WILL BE YOUR NEW FAVORITE CORKSCREW – Makes a perfect double-hinged waiter’s style corkscrew gift for wine lovers, wine gift for animal lovers, white elephant gift, bartender gifts, and more. The corkscrew is nice and compact when folded up, making it perfect for tossing in drawers without cluttering up your kitchen.
List Price: $16.99

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