???? TIRAMISU RECIPE – How to Make Easy Tiramisu at Home

Tiramisu recipe using biscuits as a light sponge dipped in freshly brewed coffee, mixed with layers of fluffy, sweetened mascarpone, this heavenly creation is finished with cocoa and grated chocolate to literally melt in your mouth.

INGREDIENTS for 2-4 people:
2 XL fresh (organic) eggs
1 tub of mascarpone cheese (250g/8.8oz tub)
100g savoiardi biscuits
2 tablespoons of white sugar
350ml – 1 1/2 cup espresso coffee (prepare earlier and cooled down)
1 x block of dark (or milk) chocolate
Cocoa Powder
Icing sugar

2 x medium sized mixing bowls
Hand mixer (or whisk)
Baking tray
Baking paper

Here is the written recipe https://www.vincenzosplate.com/recipe-items/authentic-tiramisu/

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