Premium Wine Gift Set – Unique Bottle Opener Corkscrew All-in-one Accessories Set for Wine Lovers. Perfect for Hostess, Housewarming, Wedding and Anniversary Gifts

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Perfect for all wine enthusiasts, the Corkscrew Wine Opener Box Set offers effortless, self-pulling action and a strong, non-stick coated screw that will not damage corks. The corkscrew works on all types of wine bottles and extracts a wine cork in three seconds flat. The ergonomic wine opener offers stainless steel construction and a chrome finish.
Simple Mechanism, Easy to Use
Its classic straight-up performance mechanism ensures a quick opening of your favorite wines: Simply attach the wine opener to the bottle with one hand, and then pull the lever upwards and downwards – it’s off with the cork in seconds.
A Well-designed, Perfect Gift for any Occasion
A great gift for any event, for both men and women. With its sleek modern look, high quality stainless steel moving parts and elegant design, this wine accessories kit can serve as a gift for any happy event, such as Christmas, wedding, housewarming, garden party or birthday.
Everything You Need to Open and Serve a Bottle of Wine
1. Classic Lever Style Wine Opener
2. A Dual Blade Foil cutter
3. Two Wine Bottle Stoppers
4. A Drip Stop Ring
5. A Replacement Spiral warm
6. A Wine Thermometer
7. An Aerator Pourer

THE IDEAL CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR WINE LOVERS – This elegant, high quality and all-in-one set is ideal for wine lovers and wine enthusiasts, and it is also an amazing gift idea for many occasions. Whether it is a birthday gift, a wedding reception, a housewarming, an anniversary celebration, a garden party or Christmas, this stylish wine accessories kit will make anyone happy.
EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO OPEN AND SERVE A GLASS OF WINE – Your search for the perfect wine opener set is over. This wine set gets you covered and includes everything you need to fully enjoy your favorite wine – this set contains a high quality lever wine corkscrew, wine aerator, foil cutter, wine pourer, wine collar (drip ring), thermometer, replacement screw and two bottle stoppers.
THE ONLY SET THAT INCLUDES A WINE AERATOR – Unlike most similar lever corkscrew sets out there, our unique set includes a wine aerator for enhanced wine drinking experience. If you haven’t used an aerator before, you are missing out big time! It only takes seconds to accelerate the releasing of aromas by oxygenating your wine.
OPEN AND SERVE WINE LIKE A PRO (It is so EASY) – All it takes is a couple of short steps and within seconds you are ready to enjoy your bottle of wine. With the lever mechanism you’ll be amazed of how easy it is to open a bottle of wine. In fact, professional bartenders use corkscrews like this one all day, and they work every time., $59.99, [price_with_discount]

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