???? POTATO GNOCCHI with Gnocchi Queen Suzanne

Potato Gnocchi, undisputed rulers of Thursday lunches, a pillar of our Italian cuisine. Warm, soft and tasty, they are a delightful and simple to prepare first course that brings adults and children together. Gnocchi are simple yet insidious to get the right consistency, and my Nonna is the absolute master. Suzanne mastered the gnocchi making with Nonna and now Suzanne is the person who is going to carry on this recipe in the family. Follow her recipe and our tips to surely have the best Potato Gnocchi you’ve ever eaten! Trust me!


For the dough:
1kg/35,2 oz potatoes
300g/ 10,5 oz plain flour
1 egg

Wooden board
Potato masher
Large pot
Hand strainer

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