Pipe Whiskey Chillers, Gentlemen Pipe Set of 2 by The Wine Savant – Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones, Rocks for Scotch, Bourbon, Brandy, Home Bar Decor Gifts Accessories, Birthdays, Bachelor Parties

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Cool down your whiskey and chill it with these stainless-steel whiskey stones. They can be used in any glass and will keep the Scotch, Bourbon and Brandy chilled without watering down the taste. Perfect for your home bar decor, gifts, housewarming or bachelor parties. These beautiful and elegant whiskey chillers for cigars are made of stainless steel and can be used in any home bar. This will make for an elegant impression at any gathering.
The Cigar Pipe Whiskey Chillers Set of 2 by The Wine Savant are a must-have set for the whiskey connoisseur. Whether you\’re celebrating a birthday or a bachelor party, these cigar chillers will keep your drink cooler without diluting the taste or aroma of your spirit. Elegant & functional, these cigar pipe whiskey chillers will keep your favorite whiskey chilled without watering it down. This set of 2 whiskey stones is the perfect addition to your home bar or make the perfect housewarming gift.
Get cold on the go with these stainless steel whiskey stones! These chillers are suitable for any liquor, and they make a great conversation piece. Every man loves a classic cigar, be it on an evening stroll or late at night with a glass of whiskey. Which is why we’ve created our high end Cigar Pipe Whiskey Chillers Set, reminiscent of the olden days where pipes were a standard. A perfect gift for your dad or new son in law, these functional chillers are sure to impress with form and function.
The Cigar Pipe Whiskey Stones are stainless steel chillers designed to chill whiskey, scotch, vodka, bourbon, tequila, and other spirits. Simply place the Bullet Whiskey Stones in your freezer for 1-2 hours before use. When it\’s time to drink, place the whisky stones in the bottom of your glass. Each drinking experience, whether it\’s a celebration, wedding anniversary or birthday is special. Make it unique with these beautiful bar tools.
The perfect gift for any whiskey enthusiast! These stainless steel cigar chillers are the ultimate accessory to keep your liquor cool and ready to drink. Each set comes with two pipe chillers. The Whiskey stones can be frozen for just an hour and be cool enough to chill the liquor without getting it watery with ice. Don\’t dilute your ice, remain in classy style while enjoying your favorite beverage.
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