PEAKXCAN Retractable Stainless Steel Kitchen Dish Drying Rack, Sink Draining Basket, Fruit and Dish Rack, Dish Washing Basket, Draining Bowl Rack, Shelf

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IMPORTANT – Please check the size of dish rack and kitchen sink before you choose this product.Collapsed Dimensions Approximately.10.2\”L x 8.8\”W x 3.54”H. The arm of the dish rack is adjustable, with a range of 10\” to 17.5\” to fit your sink..adjustable dish rack fits over the sink, on countertop or in the sink and takes up only a fraction of the space.
MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS – This sink-style dishwasher can hold multiple plates. Accommodate plates and cups, wash pots/bowls/knives by hand, dry or rinse vegetables and fruits. Separate compartments help keep dishes organized.
RUSTPROOF – Food-grade stainless steel construction prevents rust, corrosion, and damage from acids and alkalis, ensuring long-lasting durability.
SPACE SAVER and Utensil Holder- With adjustable bars fits over the sink, on countertop or in the sink, it takes up only a fraction of the space. Non slip extendable rubber arms keep the rack not fall down into the sink and rubber-coated feet to protect your sink and counter from scratching perfectly
MANUFACTURE\’S WARRANTY – If you are not satisfied with the product, please contact us, we will refund you unconditionally.
List Price: $22.98
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