Kitchen Countertop Organizer Review


Welcome to our review of the Kitchen Countertop Organizer! We’re here to give you an honest and comprehensive overview of this versatile and functional kitchen storage solution. With its 3-tier design and moveable corner shelf feature, this organizer is truly a space saver. Whether you need extra storage in your kitchen, bathroom, or coffee area, this organizer is up to the task.


Here are some reviews from customers who have tried the Kitchen Countertop Organizer:

  • One customer mentioned that assembly was easy, but advised skipping the hooks as they found them to be virtually useless.
  • Another customer praised the product, mentioning that it was easy to assemble, but had to return it due to measuring their space incorrectly.
  • Another reviewer mentioned their frustration with losing keys and clutter on their kitchen counter. They found this organizer to be the perfect solution for their organization needs.
  • Another customer mentioned that they loved the product overall, but had issues with the screws for the hooks and the color not being as expected.
  • Lastly, a customer mentioned that the product was bigger than expected, but they were still pleased with its functionality and sturdiness.

To learn more about the Kitchen Countertop Organizer and its features, keep reading!

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Product Description


The Kitchen Countertop Organizer is a versatile storage cabinet that can be moved and adjusted according to your needs. With its 3-tier design, it can be used as a rustic corner shelf or a regular tiered shelf, providing you with about 30% more space on your countertop. It’s a great solution for organizing your kitchen, bathroom, spice collection, coffee station, or even your dresser table.


This 3-tier small corner shelf comes in a popular rustic brown color, making it a perfect fit for any home decor. It can serve as a spice rack, coffee station organizer, over the sink shelf, bathroom countertop organizer, or even a plant stand. Its versatility allows you to keep your home well-organized and clutter-free.

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Not only does this small shelf organizer create more storage space, but it also adds a charming touch to your kitchen or bathroom. The different height levels of the rustic corner shelf, along with the black aluminum tub legs, give it a classic look. You can easily arrange larger items in one area and smaller items in another, ensuring everything is within reach and neatly displayed.


To ensure stability and durability, this kitchen organizer features 3 tiers with 2 aluminum tubs, making it sturdy enough to hold various items. Additionally, the 5 plastic non-slip feet protect your countertop surface from scratches and keep the organizer in place. The 4 stainless steel hooks provided are perfect for hanging small cooking tools, keeping them handy and out of the way.


Assembling this kitchen organization shelf rack is a breeze and can be done within 8 minutes using the included instruction manual and tool. Alternatively, you can refer to our assemble video for further assistance. Cleaning is also a hassle-free task as you can simply wipe the organizer with a damp cloth.


This counter shelf comes in an exquisite color box, making it a great gift option for your loved ones on various occasions. In addition, our customer service team guarantees prompt assistance for any quality issues you may encounter. Feel free to contact us, and we will respond to your email within 12 hours. With our free returns policy within 30 days, your satisfaction is our priority.

Customer Reviews

Review 1

The included screws for the hooks are so bad they strip just trying to assemble it. Gave up. The hooks aren’t really useful anyways, too flimsy. Love it otherwise. Note, the white is NOT white as it shows it’s got a weird fake wood grain printed on the board. It still looks fine but that was not clear from the photos.

Review 2

Cute, but large. Had a lot of trouble attaching the hook feature so just left it off. Gets dusty quickly.

Review 3

The reason this isn’t a five star is because the screws do not keep the boards in place from pivoting around. Otherwise it’s good. Not real wood obviously. Means your small area looks nice and casual. I love that the 2 bottom shelves swing either way. Easy to put together.

Review 4

The product was bigger than expected but that’s on me since I didn’t take the time to measure it. I had to take one leg off to fit it but either way, I was still pleased because it looks better than how I had all my stuff before this. I only use one sink so it doesn’t bother me at all that it’s taking over the sink. The product overall is good and sturdy enough to hold even without a leg. Just make sure you take into consideration the space to ensure that you love it.

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These customer reviews provide valuable insights into different aspects of the Kitchen Countertop Organizer. While some customers had issues with the screws and hooks, others found them to be flimsy or difficult to attach. However, despite these minor setbacks, many customers loved the organizer. They appreciated the versatile design that offered extra countertop space and the rustic brown color that added a touch of elegance to their kitchens. The swinging bottom shelves and the ease of assembly were also highlighted as positive features. One customer mentioned that the product looked better than their previous storage arrangement, even though they had to make slight adjustments to fit it in their space. Overall, customers were pleased with the functionality and sturdiness of the organizer.

Kitchen Countertop Organizer Kitchen Organization, 3 Tier Shelf Moveable Corner Shelf Organizer for Kitchen Counter, Bathroom Counter, Spice Rack, Coffee Area, Over Sink, Dresser Table (Rustic Brown)

Pros and Cons

Cute, but large

One reviewer mentioned that the countertop organizer is cute but on the larger side. While this may be a drawback for those with limited space, the size of the organizer allows for ample storage and multiple uses.

Trouble attaching hook feature

Another user had difficulty attaching the hook feature, but found that leaving it off did not affect the overall functionality of the organizer. This highlights the versatility of the product, as it can be customized to suit individual preferences.

Dust accumulation

It was noted that the organizer tends to accumulate dust quickly. While this may require more frequent cleaning, it is important to consider the benefits of having an organized countertop space outweighing this minor inconvenience.

Flexible and versatile design

Several reviewers praised the versatility and flexibility of the organizer. The ability to adjust the shelves and utilize them for various purposes such as a coffee station, spice rack, or bathroom countertop organizer, makes this product a practical and multifunctional addition to any home.

Easy assembly and potential improvements

One reviewer commended the ease of assembly, but expressed a desire for deeper pre-drilled holes for the hook part. Nonetheless, the reviewer gave a positive recommendation, indicating overall satisfaction with the product.

Accurate measurements and returns

Another customer acknowledged the quality of the product but mentioned that they had measured their space incorrectly. They intended to return the item solely due to this measurement error, highlighting the importance of accurate measurements before making a purchase.

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With a range of positive attributes, including versatility, convenience, and ease of assembly, the Kitchen Countertop Organizer in Rustic Brown provides an excellent solution for organizing and optimizing countertop space.

Kitchen Countertop Organizer Kitchen Organization, 3 Tier Shelf Moveable Corner Shelf Organizer for Kitchen Counter, Bathroom Counter, Spice Rack, Coffee Area, Over Sink, Dresser Table (Rustic Brown)

Rustic Brown Shelf


Can the kitchen countertop organizer be used as a regular tiered shelf?

Yes, the kitchen organization and storage cabinet can be used in two ways. It can be turned into a 3 tier rustic corner shelf or straightened out for a regular tiered shelf. This versatile design allows for more countertop space, adding about 30% more room for your kitchen essentials.

What are some of the uses for this kitchen organizer?

The 3 tier small corner shelf serves multiple purposes. It can be used as a spice rack, a coffee station organizer, an over sink shelf, a bathroom countertop organizer, or even a plant stand. Its multifunctionality makes it a hero in keeping your home well-organized.

Does the shelf organizer have a stable and sturdy construction?

Absolutely. The 3 tier shelf is made more steady and stable with the addition of 2 aluminum tubs. These tubs not only enhance durability but also provide better support for your items. The shelf also features 5 plastic non-slip feet that protect your countertop surface. Additionally, it comes with 4 stainless steel hooks that keep small cooking tools handy and out of the way.

Is assembly and cleaning of the organizer easy?

Yes, the kitchen organization shelf rack can be easily assembled within 8 minutes using the included tools and instructions. Alternatively, you can refer to our assembly video for guidance. Cleaning the organizer is also a breeze. Simply wipe it with a damp cloth for easy maintenance.

Are there any additional benefits or services offered with this product?

Apart from its functionality, the kitchen countertop organizer makes for a great gift choice. It comes packaged in an exquisite color box, making it an ideal present for your loved ones on various occasions. Additionally, our customer service team is readily available to assist you with any quality issues. Simply reach out to us, and we will respond to your email within 12 hours. We also offer free returns within 30 days for your convenience.

Kitchen Countertop Organizer Kitchen Organization, 3 Tier Shelf Moveable Corner Shelf Organizer for Kitchen Counter, Bathroom Counter, Spice Rack, Coffee Area, Over Sink, Dresser Table (Rustic Brown)

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After reviewing the Kitchen Countertop Organizer, we can confidently say that it is a great addition to any kitchen or bathroom. With its versatile design and rustic brown color, it not only adds space to your countertop but also enhances the overall aesthetic. The moveable 3 tier shelf can be used as a corner shelf or straightened out for a regular tiered shelf, providing you with multiple options for organizing your items.

Although some customers had trouble with the assembly process and the hooks, we found that the organizer is easy enough to assemble if you choose to skip the hooks. The non-slip feet and aluminum tubs add stability and durability to the shelf, ensuring that your countertop stays protected.

Overall, this kitchen countertop organizer is a great space-saving solution that is both functional and visually appealing. It would make a perfect gift for your loved ones and can be used in various areas of the home. If you are looking to declutter and organize your kitchen or bathroom, we highly recommend giving this product a try.

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