Jen and Kristin Try Every Trader Joe’s Frozen Appetizer • Ladylike

Watch Kristin as she travels to far flung places with nothing but an Empty Suitcase:
Watch more of Ladylike videos here: “When the cheese and the stick is hard, it’s no longer time to go to Cheese Town.” – Kristin Chirico, 2019

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School lunch in flat style
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Fried Mozzarella Sticks
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Grilling Sausages On Barbecue Grill
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people travelling in shanghai disney
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Wrench and gear animation with optional luma matte. Alpha Luma Matte included. 4k video
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Open And Close Of Oven Door
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Smelly sock. 3D animation in cartoon style. Alpha channel, loopable.
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Freshly baked croissants with coffee for breakfast
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Jewelry ring computer creation process using the renderer method. 3D rendering
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Swedish meatballs with vegetables
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Jacket potato finishing cooking in microwave
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‘Shumai’ a ‘Dim Sum’ Chinese traditional steamed dumplings food.
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Steamy Dim Sum on street
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grated Parmesan cheese
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Cute alarm clock counting to midnight
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From the above shot of a deep fryer with shrimps frying.
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Tempura of vegetables
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White cream on a black background
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Deep fried spring rolls , close up in studio
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Multi colored confetti falling + Alpha Channel
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