Italian Recipes – A Taste Of Italy

Pasta and Pizza are two of the most popular dishes in Italy. The country is well known for its food and the Italians are famous for their love of cooking. They also love to eat! So it is no wonder that pasta and pizza have become very popular around the world. In this article we will look at some Italian recipes that you can try yourself.

Pasta Recipes

Pasta is a staple food in Italy, especially when it comes to lunch or dinner. It is eaten with everything from soup to meat and vegetables. You can find a wide variety of pasta in Italy and they are made from many different types of flour. One of the most popular is durum wheat which is used for making pasta shapes such as lasagna.

You can find pasta recipes online and in cook books. It is easy to make pasta in your own kitchen if you have the right ingredients. All you need is flour, water, salt and eggs. If you want to get more creative you can add other ingredients like oil, cheese, herbs, spices, nuts and vegetables.

Pizza Recipes

Pizza is another favorite dish in Italy. It is not only eaten as a meal but also as an appetizer. This dish is made with dough which is folded over itself and then cooked in an oven. There are many different types of pizza in Italy. One of the most popular types is the Margherita. This is a type of pizza with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil.

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There are many different types of pizza toppings you can use. You can put anything you like on it including meat, cheese, vegetables and more. If you do not have a pizza oven you can buy one to make your own pizza.

Italian Desserts

Italian desserts are usually rich and sweet. Some of the most popular ones include tiramisu, panforte and torte. Tiramisu is a dessert made from coffee and chocolate. It is served with whipped cream and sometimes covered with a layer of chocolate sauce. Panforte is a sweet cake that is made with walnuts and honey. Torte is a layered cake that is often made with fruit.


These are just a few of the many delicious Italian recipes you can try. Cooking Italian food is not difficult if you know how to follow a recipe. Many people find it hard to cook because they are not familiar with certain foods. Once you learn how to cook Italian food you will never go back to cooking other kinds of food again.

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