ITALIAN NONNA Food Market Sulmona & Montepulciano Wine Tour

Day 4: Italy Unexplored
Visit to an organic market, local lunch on a private terrace and an exclusive visit to Zaccagnini winery for a seafood aperitivo to drool over at sunset with wine tasting by the bottle…

As the excursion in Abruzzo continues, we step into a beautiful old town oozing with history and famous not only for a rebellious Pope but also an interesting romance poet not to mention home to one of the most organic and oldest markets in Italy. First stop after strolling through the larger than life gate facing Naples is to the number one Porchetta stand in Italy. Seriously, number ONE. Here we get a taste of the moist pork and no matter the time, guests flocked over it for more.

We then visit many a Nonna who have spent years selling their fresh produce here, including dried herbs in recycled jars, and there’s an overwhelming feeling that we wish we all had this in our own backyards with products quickly shown off by the locals.

Lunch is a sight for sore eyes upon the terrace of the number 2 B&B in Italy which is tucked away and shows off all three mountains of the green Abruzzo region. A 360degree view that will last a lifetime with food prepared by the owner and her mamma – all ingredients sourced right in the town.

As we head to Zaccagnini winery and most think there’s wine tasting by the glass, we arrive to a warm welcome and get a sneak peek behind he scenes of their production, finding out more about the famous twig that adorns each bottle.

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The day ends with fresh seafood tastings prepared and served by Vincenzo’s Dad Paolo while the sun sets over the hectares of land taken up by lushes vines and we dance and drink the night away sharing bottle after bottle of incredible wine, carefully curated by masters… spontaneous dancing then followed dinner and we really never wanted to leave…

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