How to make RICOTTA GNOCCHI – Homemade Gnocchi Recipe

Ricotta gnocchi are soft pillows of pasta, which will melt in your mouth. Much faster to make than traditional gnocchi you might surprise yourself with just how good you are at creating these little morsels of joy. There is no compromise when it comes to flavour and they can be served with any of your favourite sauces. I’ve chosen to smother my ricotta gnocchi in tomato and basil sauce – the perfect partner for these cheesy delights.
Gnocchi are Suzanne’s favourite pasta, and although we all have time on our hands at the moment, they can take a while! Have you ever tried ricotta gnocchi? They are much quicker to make, but still melt in your mouth and my version comes soft and fluffy.

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1:07 Ricotta Gnocchi Recipe
8:22 How to Cook Ricotta Gnocchi
9:18 How to freeze ricotta gnocchi
10:07 How to Eat Ricotta Gnocchi

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