Hisip Electric Wine Opener Set, Type C Rechargeable Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener with Storage Base Wine Aerator Pourer Foil Cutter, 2 Vacuum Wine Stoppers for Wine Lover Christmas Gift Set

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wine opener wine opener

Still using the spiral nails as conventional wine corkscrew?

This electric wine bottle opener is equipped with a reversing motor that opens the wine quickly and doesn’t take as much effort as the conventional ones. It’s perfect for people who love to entertain!

Aerating wine allows the taster to experience the full character of a wine by enhancing its flavor and scent/bouquet/aroma.

electric wine openerelectric wine opener

Electric Wine Opener Set

The Hisip 5 in 1 Electric Wine Opener Set provides a classic combination of the most useful wine accessories for every wine lover. It is designed to meet different demands. This wine opener kit includes an electric wine opener, foil cutter, wine pourer, and 2 Vacuum stoppers, which provide you with a one-stop service for wine tasting.


*This wine opener is suitable for corks with a diameter of 20 mm to 24 mm and a height of 44 mm.

*This electric wine opener is suitable for wine bottles with a bottleneck outer diameter of not more than 35 mm and a bottleneck inner diameter of 17.5 mm to 23 mm.

Details Operate it with one button Rechargeable. Connect through Type-C Charges quickly Up to 50 bottles on single charge

Wine aerator pourerWine aerator pourer

What is the secret to serving your guests the perfect glass of wine?

Have you ever opened a bottle of highly recommended wine only to be left disappointed? This aerator pourer works better than the single-function wine pourer, ideally used for enhancing your favorite reds and blends, eliminating drips and unexpected messes on your table or countertop. Whether you are serving one glass or the entire bottle, the aerator instantly aerates so you get perfectly aerated wine each time.

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wine bottle openerwine bottle opener

Wine  bottle opener

Wine  bottle opener



waiter's corkscrew

waiter's corkscrew

wine lover

wine lover

Hisip Hisip Hisip Hisip
Manual or Electric
Electric Electric Electric Manual
High-Quality Materials

Elegant Package

For Wine Lovers

For Wine Experts

5-in-1 COMBO SET: Include Type C rechargeable wine opener, storage base, wine aerator pourer, foil cutter and 2 vacuum wine stopper. You can easily open, pour, and preserve your wine, the dark base is perfect for storing the whole wine opener set. Not only for save space, but also to be a decoration, and it would look great at anyplace you place it.
BRING OUT YOUR WINE’S NATURAL BOUQUET: The Wine aerator pourer increases the volume of contact with the air, aerating your wine allows your wine to breathe, enhancing the taste and improving the bouquet. The 2 in 1 tulip-shaped pourer included in this wine opener set helps the wine pouring evenly and faster, ensuring drip-free wine pouring, you can enjoy your wine faster as there is no need to pour the wine into a decanter and set aside for a long period of time.
SIMPLE PUSH-BUTTON OPERATION: This automatic corkscrew removes the cork in 5–7 seconds and ejects it from the corkscrew by pressing the “Release” and “Extract” button. Great for dinner parties and large gatherings, simply take off the foil with foil cutter, exposing the cork. This effortless electric corkscrew features see-through window for easy viewing the LED light when it works, comes in a convenient type C charging design.
SIMPLE SEAL REMOVER AND PRESERVE: Our wine foil cutter with razor sharp blades requires just a simple squeeze and twist. The cutter can be stored at the storage stand. The vacuum stopper helps to preserve the wine after the first opening. It sucks out the air inside the wine bottle, creating an internal vacuum that keeps the inherent flavor to avoid air degrading the wine quality. It is designed quite compactly, convenient for use and preservation.
PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION: The wine openers is a great Christmas present for any wine lovers, friends, family. Suitable for birthday, wedding, anniversary, housewarming, wine tasting party, bachelor party and many else. The combination of this wine bottle opener worked effectively making a wine opener that would suit tasteful gatherings or arrangements., $27.49, [price_with_discount]

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