Atoylink Wooden Kids Kitchen Play Accessories Toy Set with Coffee Maker Toaster Blender, Toddler Pretend Play Appliances Kitchen Wooden Toys Gifts for Boys Girls Ages 2 3 4 5 Year Old Kitchen Playset

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KIDS KITCHEN ACCESSORIES PLAYSET:The kids kitchen playset toys contain various accessories for kids, including wooden coffee maker,mixer,toaster with 2 plates, 3 cups,2 spoons, 2 slices of bread, 1 fried eggs, 1 butter blocks,1 knife,1 milk and 1 honey. There are different types of toys that can be played,and children can simulate abundant activities.
TRUSTWORTHY HIGH QUALITY:The materials used to make toys are safe, wooden toys are non-toxic and tasteless,natural and harmless. Compared with plastic products,our wooden kitchen playset will not harm children\’s health and is environmentally friendly. Besides,it\’s safe to use,for example, rounded corner design, no bumps; smooth surface, no sticky hands.
INTERESTING AND EDUCATIONAL:If your child likes role-playing games, this good-looking product can help him/her show their talents to the fullest. They can obtain the fun of being a pastry chef and barista, and can also use this product to simulate a complete breakfast making process. It can not only exercise children\’s independent living skills,but also increase children\’s intelligence.
RELIABLE PRODUCT DETAILS:There is a logo designed on the bottom of the mixer, which can exercise children\’s carefulness and standardization awareness.When using toaster ,kids can press the button to simulate the start, and cook for a few minutes. After waiting for the bread to mature, they can press the push-pull bar to let the bread slices pop out. The waiting process can cultivate children\’s sense of time.
PERFECT GIFT FOR KIDS: You can choose this product with no worries and it will not let you down. It has high quality, cute and vivid accessories, educational and interesting experience. If you have any questions, please communicate with our customer service at any time. It\’s the best gift for girls!
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