AMAZING FOCACCIA BARESE The Best Focaccia Bread Recipe

Focaccia Barese is arguably the GRANDMOTHER of all focaccia recipes and it’s not hard to see why. Once you bite into a slice of this golden disc of goodness, the sweet cherry tomatoes mixed with dry oregano and sea salt will transport you to the seaside in Bari, Italy. This focaccia barese recipe is a high hydration dough and while crunchy on the outside, it is light and fluffy all the way through with a rustic highlight thanks to the addition of wholemeal flour.

Find out the secrets of this MASTERPIECE, created by prize winning pizza chef Mark Paterno…and then make your own. Thankfully this recipe makes 3 loaves of the focaccia, because trust me, you won’t want to share!

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INGREDIENTS: (This will make 3 portions)
1.4kg/6 cups water
1.6kg/6.5 cups 00 Le 5 Stagioni Flour (extra for kneading)
400g/3 ¼ cups Le 5 Stagioni Mora Integrale Flour (Wholemeal)
60g/4 tablespoons salt
40g/2.67g Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) –plus extra for drizzling!
10g/0.35oz fresh yeast
200g cherry tomatoes (cut in half)
Dried oregano
Sprinkle of sea salt

Large mixing bowl
Table or bench space
Baking tray
Plastic film (Glad Wrap)
Your hands!

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1. Focaccia Barese is high hydration dough and the recipe starts by adding water to a large mixing bowl.
2. Next, add 10% of flour (160g) to the water and mix well using your hands, before adding another 100g and continuing to mix and creating a creamy consistency. Make sure you mix until there are no lumps!
3. Break up the fresh yeast adding it into the bowl – this is an important start the focaccia barese recipe!
4. Next – you need patience and a little speed! Start to drop the flour into the mixture, just a portion at a time and combine it as you go. This will take around 10 minutes to make sure it incorporates really well.
5. When you have added half of the plain flour in, switch to the Mora/Wholemeal flour, adding at least half and combining it then finish off the rest of the plain before mixing the second portion through.

VINCENZO’S PLATE TIP: Mix the flour through quite fast for the best focaccia barese result – and don’t worry, it should be sticky!

6. Add 60g of salt and mix it through until combined.
7. Once you have incorporated all the flour and the dough starts to thicken up, knead it by folding it over with both hands, and pressing down. Repeat this a number of times, and once it all comes together, transfer the ball of dough onto your bench and continue to work it well.
8. You will need to work the high hydration focaccia barese dough until it stops breaking off, adding a small sprinkle of flour only if you need it.
9. Finally, the magic touch – drizzle the extra virgin olive oil over the top of your dough and fold it in a few times ensuring it is fully incorporated.

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