There is nothing quite as magical as having an entire island all to yourself. Today’s destination is an incredible natural wonder and will take your breath away.

The day starts on a small port where we enter our own cabin for breakfast, order a morning coffee and of course a sweet to kick off the journey.

We then give up our shoes and are helped on to a beauty, a yacht, exclusively for the group and just perfectly sized.

We set off on a trip to Tremiti Islands Puglia (Isole Tremiti) and once we arrive at the first stop for the day, there is absolute beauty everywhere. Few waste time and splash straight into the water while others head to the top of the deck for a view which will leave you speechless.

The rest of the day of spent stopping at some of our favorites spots along the water where we even get a sneaky trip inside beautiful blue grottos. But the highlight is enjoying fresh oysters, scampi and slowly cooked spaghetti vongole right aboard the vessel, where the captain, doubles as a chef!

A day on the water and basking in the sun where the infinite horizon brings peace and relaxation is not only good for the soul, but also got some of our guests up and dancing (and singing, AND canon-balling into the water!)

You literally won’t experience anything like this in the world, ever. Get it on your bucket list. Now.

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