ABRUZZO ITALY – Seafood Dinner on the Trabocco

Day 5: Italy Unexplored Tour
Exploring Ortona, Gelato time and a seafood feast atop a century old fisherman hut.

With the morning off guests were able to rest, shop, walk and eat as much as their hearts desired in the beautiful beach city of Pescara.

With the trip today taking us to the beautiful port of Ortona, a small jewel at the very end of the Adriatic coast, we visit the larger than life castle that is a mediaeval treat for all. Rich with historical battles, the beautiful caper flowers now naturally adorning the walls are an ironic contrast but make for great pics as the edge of the rich, crystal blue sea from this point seems a never-ending mile away.

After a walk through the ancient city of coloured balconies and cobblestone paths, it’s time for fresh, creamy gelato before heading to tonight’s destination, a highlight of the tour.

With a drive through the crystal coastline of San Vito, guests start to get a peek of the essence of Abruzzo, a line up of the oldest fisherman huts with their legs immersed in the water. Known as ‘trabocchi’, some are abandoned, many restored, and several now tiny restaurants, serving the best seafood in the region, freshly caught every day.

The night is perfect, with a live exclusive flute performance accompanying a welcome Prosecco as we embark upon our very own traboccho for the night.

We start with a selection of unique cold antipasti, before hot treats are served and the favourite is stuffed mussles, so sweet and fresh, drowned in a tomato broth.

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The main event is a traditional Abruzzese chittara pasta served with an array of salty seafood and freshly picked cherry tomatoes, before we all enjoy some small fried fish, a limoncello sorbetto and not to mention biscuits made by Nonna before endless shots of liquor finish off the night…

The ride home was then louder than expected…!

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