A Foodie’s Dream, it said on the Shake Shack Website, speaking of what was billed as

Cronut Concrete Day at The Shake Shack Flagship Madison Square Park location on September 17, 2013 to Benifit The NY Police Widows & Childrens Fund and The Madison Square Park Conservancy. Uber-Hot Pastry Chef of The Moment, the creator of the Uber famous Cronut, Chef Dominique Ansel joined forces with Danny Myer and Shake Shack combining what is arguably New York’s Best and most beloved Burger Joint, The Shack Shack with 2013’s Hottest Food Item and story the Cronut which is Half Donut & Half Croissant into one tasty little pastry. New Yorkers line up for both. They are both super tasty items that are at the top of their games, and both democratically affordable for just about anyone, with a Cronut going for $5.00 and a Shack Burger at just about 5 Bucks as well at $4.90 …  They are both as tasty as can be, and I will  go on record for about the 20th time right hear and now, since we’re speaking of it, The Shake Shack Burgers are without a doubt New York’s Best, A # 1, Best Burgers in Town .. I don’t care if you say it’s The Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern, “No Way,” and actually thier less hyped Minetta Burger is the “better burger” at Minetta .. No, it’s not The Brindel Burger which Josh Ozersky has now marked as his choice of NY’S # 1 Top Burger. No I like the Brindel Burger, but the Shack Burger has it beat for the true great American Burger. Yeah, I like the Burger at Peter Luger which is a sort of un-known secret and great value, but Shake Shack’s Burger is better. I love PJ Clarke’s and JG Melon is in my top 3 New York Burgers, but I’ll still give an edge to Shake Shack. Well, there I go and said it again, Shake Shack Burger is the Best ..

Dam, I went off track there for a minute. Sorry, couldn’t help it, when I’m on the subjects of Burgers and the awesome and wonderful Shake Shack.

Back to the Cronut and Cronut Concrete Day at the Shake Shack. The people at Shake Shack and Dominique Ansel, the Cronut Person put together a day to raise money for two great foundations, combining New York’s Best Burger and NY’S Hottest new sweet dessert treat the Cronut. The Cronut offering was actually a collaborative effort combining Shake Shack’s Butter Caramel Frozen Custard in a paper cup with Cinnamon Sugar Cronut Holes on top. Wow!

The day was a huge success with many happy fans of both items. And it has us wondering will Danny Myer be putting together a deal to bring the Cronut permanently to The Shake Shack? Hhmmm!!???? Would be interesting and quite wonderful. Time will tell ….





Daniel Bellino Zwicke




Image  For 2013’s Second Hottest Seet treat See The Dudes BIG LEBOWSKI COOKBOOK “GOT ANY KAHLUA” ??? and Make “Chocolate Kahlua Covered Twinkies” with The Dudes Chocolate Kahlua Sauce to sweetly cover just about any Sweet Treat .. Abide !



AMERICA’S GREATEST CAFE? Is Cafe Du Monde New Orleans


America’s Greatest Cafe? What and where is it? Where? First thoughts might run to the culinary capital of America, New York .. You’d be wrong. Though we have many fine cafes in New York and probably the city with more great cafes than most of America, when it comes to AMerica’s number 1, single best, undisputed champ, America’s Greatest Cafe, one stands alone, with whoever number two is, it’s a distant second, America’s Greatest Cafe is without a doubt Cafe Du Monde in The French Qaurter of New Orleans .. Wow, was that a mouthful or what ..

Cafe du Monde is America’s best cafe on two fronts. Number one being that they serve this World’s Best Beignets (French Donuts “No Hole”), and the World’s Best Chicory Coffee “Cafe au Lait” … Second the ambiance and physical of the place is wonderful. Number 3, the customers, the people and amount of people that go there, and that just about everyone who goes there (about 99%) makes at least one stop at Cafe du Monde on their trip ..  There are no statistics on it, but I’m pretty sure that more people have had coffee at Cafe du Monde than any other Cafe in the World, including cafes that are older .. Speaking of old as far as cafes or any restaurant or any business goes, Cafe du Monde has been around serving happy customers Cafe Lait and Beignets for more than 150 years .. They have been in continuous operation since 1862 … And there serve thousands of people each and every day 365 days a year, year-after-year … There is no restaurant that comes close in raw numbers … They serve about 35,000 people a week, or 1 Million + 638,000 people a year ..

But, the fact that Cafe Du Monde is thee number 1 place that everyone, whether tourists or locals has to go to … I love Napoleon House, Galatoire’s, and Tujague’s but great as they are, not everyone goes to them. “Everyone goes to Cafe Du Monde.” It’s a meeting place where you get a tasty cup of Cafe au Lait and 3 Beignets for a mere $4.50 … You will see everyone there, and you always have a great time. Cafe Du Monde, one of the World’s greatest and without a doubt AMerica’s Greatest Cafe ..


Daniel Bellino-Zwicke




It's The Dudes BIG LEBOWSKI Cookbook ...

It’s The Dudes BIG LEBOWSKI Cookbook …

HARRY’S BAR Worlds Coolest Restaurant



The World’s Coolest Restaurant? Why, it’s Harry’s Bar,

Venice of course. Without a doubt. There is no contest for any to compete. Well many will beg to differ, but I know better, and better than most. No Brag, Just Fact! Let me tell you why.

If you are in any of the Great Renowned Cities of the World, cities such as; New York, Paris, Rome, Bangkok, Tokyo, London,

Hong Kong, wherever. There will in all these cities be a number of restaurants where the In-Crowd, the Jet-Set, Those in The Know, the Movers-and-Shakers of the World will go to. There are usually at least 6 to 12 restaurants for those in the know to go to. For example, if you are in my City, New York and you are one of these people, “Those In the Know,” you might go to any one of these restaurants. right now in the year 2011 these restaurants would be; Minetta Tavern,

Bar Pitti, The Waverly Inn, Pastis, Momofuku Ssam, The Standard Grill, John Dory at The Ace Hotel, and at least 6 others. Same goes for LA, London, Paris, Rome, and so-on.

In Venice there are many restaurants, but really just one more or less that “Everyone Who is Anyone” will go when in town. One, that one is “Harry’s Bar.” No other restaurant in the World quite like it. If you are of the Jet Set, The In Crow, those “In-The-Know,” you’ll know one thing for sure, when you go to Harry’s Bar you will be amongst the all of

The “in Crowd” will be there and nowhere else. Well this is a bit of an exaggeration to make a point, but this point is true 85% of the time.

And of the place, Harry’s Bar, Venice. And i keep saying Harry’s bar Venice, for it is thee only one, but there are many others around the World with the same name. There is only one Great “Harry’s Bar” and that is Harry’s Bar, Venice at the Vaporetto stop of San Marco.

Yes, and of Harry’s. The restaurant is Wonderful. It has a beautiful casual elegance in the decor. The place is always filled with the “Beautiful People,” the service is great, and the food Fabulous. Though at a price. Harry’s bar is very expensive. For some this is of no consequence, but if it is expensive for you, it is definitely worth a splurge. The place is awesome.

After-All, they invented the “Bellini” Cocktail here. And

Beef Carpaccio as well.

Over the years, everyone and everyone has passed through the doors; Kings, Queens, Presidents, Prime Ministers,

Rock Stars, Movie Stars, you name it. Too many to name, never-the-less, I will name some names; Ernest Hemingway, Grace Kelly, Onassis, Sir Winston Churchill, Humphrey Bogart, Mick Jagger, George Clooney, Jude Law, Gwyneth Palthrow and on-and-on. And you if you go, of course.

If you go to Harry’s Bar, you will Love it. The place is filled with quite a exciting energy. It’s a experience you’ll always remember. So, do remember, The World’s Coolest restaurnat, Harry’s Bar, Venice that is.


 by Daniel Bellino Zwicke