A Foodie’s Dream, it said on the Shake Shack Website, speaking of what was billed as

Cronut Concrete Day at The Shake Shack Flagship Madison Square Park location on September 17, 2013 to Benifit The NY Police Widows & Childrens Fund and The Madison Square Park Conservancy. Uber-Hot Pastry Chef of The Moment, the creator of the Uber famous Cronut, Chef Dominique Ansel joined forces with Danny Myer and Shake Shack combining what is arguably New York’s Best and most beloved Burger Joint, The Shack Shack with 2013’s Hottest Food Item and story the Cronut which is Half Donut & Half Croissant into one tasty little pastry. New Yorkers line up for both. They are both super tasty items that are at the top of their games, and both democratically affordable for just about anyone, with a Cronut going for $5.00 and a Shack Burger at just about 5 Bucks as well at $4.90 …  They are both as tasty as can be, and I will  go on record for about the 20th time right hear and now, since we’re speaking of it, The Shake Shack Burgers are without a doubt New York’s Best, A # 1, Best Burgers in Town .. I don’t care if you say it’s The Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern, “No Way,” and actually thier less hyped Minetta Burger is the “better burger” at Minetta .. No, it’s not The Brindel Burger which Josh Ozersky has now marked as his choice of NY’S # 1 Top Burger. No I like the Brindel Burger, but the Shack Burger has it beat for the true great American Burger. Yeah, I like the Burger at Peter Luger which is a sort of un-known secret and great value, but Shake Shack’s Burger is better. I love PJ Clarke’s and JG Melon is in my top 3 New York Burgers, but I’ll still give an edge to Shake Shack. Well, there I go and said it again, Shake Shack Burger is the Best ..

Dam, I went off track there for a minute. Sorry, couldn’t help it, when I’m on the subjects of Burgers and the awesome and wonderful Shake Shack.

Back to the Cronut and Cronut Concrete Day at the Shake Shack. The people at Shake Shack and Dominique Ansel, the Cronut Person put together a day to raise money for two great foundations, combining New York’s Best Burger and NY’S Hottest new sweet dessert treat the Cronut. The Cronut offering was actually a collaborative effort combining Shake Shack’s Butter Caramel Frozen Custard in a paper cup with Cinnamon Sugar Cronut Holes on top. Wow!

The day was a huge success with many happy fans of both items. And it has us wondering will Danny Myer be putting together a deal to bring the Cronut permanently to The Shake Shack? Hhmmm!!???? Would be interesting and quite wonderful. Time will tell ….





Daniel Bellino Zwicke




Image  For 2013’s Second Hottest Seet treat See The Dudes BIG LEBOWSKI COOKBOOK “GOT ANY KAHLUA” ??? and Make “Chocolate Kahlua Covered Twinkies” with The Dudes Chocolate Kahlua Sauce to sweetly cover just about any Sweet Treat .. Abide !





Josh Ozersky recently posted a major statement on his Ozersky TV .. And I do mean major. Stating that thee Best Burger in all of our great city of New York was at The Brindle Room on East 10th Street in The East Village, just 2 blocks from Josh’s house. In Ozersky’s latest video where he proclaims New York’s Best Burger is at The Brindle Room, the Best Roast Beef Sandwich (in The World)  is at Eataly, and Eisenberg’s has the Best Chocolate Cake. In fact Josh is sitting at the counter at Eisenberg’s in this video, after it looks like he just finished a Rueben Sandwich (we think?). Josh proclaims that The Brindle Room has New York’s best Burger, it may sound crazy he says, “The Best Burger is at The Brindle room, the Best Roast Beef Sandwich is at Eataly, the Best Chocolate Cake at Eisenberg’s and I Don’t Give a SHIT !!!  I know it Sounds Crazy and i shouldn’t say it, But I Believe in it and I’m Happy to Believe it.”

Love Your Passion Josh. That’s what you believe and you’ll stick by it, and you don’t give a shit what others think. Your not a follower. I’m the same way, I don’t let others lead me around and I’m passionate about food, restaurants and life, and i say what I feel not what others tell me. Anyway, great video. Of course it had be all pumped up and wanting to run right over to The brindle to check it out. After that major proclamation from Josh, how could I not? I was stoked.

So now I go to the Brindle Room. After Ozersky’s video and statement that New York’s Best Burger is at the Brindle Room. Not at Minetta Tavern where Ozersky is in Love with The Black Label Burger (Minetta Burger is better by-the-way), nor Shake Shake, or what and whoever. No Josh likes The Brindle room Burger and says “It’s The Best,” the best in New York City. OK, so I’m at the Brindle Room. It’s brunch and I’m not in the mood. had way to much to drink this week, and I always keep myself in check. So, I get a coffee, and it’s dam good. Well is this an indication of things to come? I wait a little while enjoying my coffee. The Burger comes, and right off the bat it smells and looks good. Great! I bite into, and yes, it’s good, “Dam Good.” Before I bit in, I checked the maillard and it’s nice and brown and crispy, just like Josh said. Yeah it’s good, covered with sauteed onions, though Josh recommends sliced raw onion and American cheese. The dry-aged beef, is liberally seasoned with lots of salt and pepper, i ordered the burger medium but it comes more like Medium-Well. No matter it still taste great. Yes, it taste great Josh. But the Best? Afraid not. Not to me. I respect Josh Ozersky’s opinion, he’s The Guru of Burgers and has written a wonderful book on them, but New York’s Best Burger, I can’t go along on this one. Yes the Burger is dam good and I can see why you would say it’s the best as to me it is in the category of New York’s Best. Yes it’s quite good. But to me, no one beats Shake Shack, I don’t care what you say; Black Label Burger, The Minetta Burgerm, Lure, JG Melon (my second fave in NY), Peter Luger or whoever, to me The Shake Shack serves up New York’s Top (Best ) Burger. Period! That’s all I have to say for now.

Again to Josh, I respect your opinion, love your videos and writings, but I don’t think The Brindle Burger is Best. My next stop after seeing your video is Schnippers which looks great and of a classic burger. Later.