Ever wonder how has “The Best Croissant in Town,” The Town of New York, NY ???
That’s Easy! It’s The Hungarian Pastry Shop up in East Harlem on Amsterdam Avenue at 113th Street, New York, NY … It’s across the street from the fabulous Cathedral of Saint John The Divine, to me the Coolest and Most Beautiful Cathedral in the World. And can you believe “most New Yorker’s” don’t even know it exist, or have ever heard of it, “Amazing!”

The Hungarian Pastry Shop is a favorite of nearby Columbia University students as well as faculty I’m sure. Not many New Yorker’s know of this wonderful little gem of a Pastry Shop Cafe, other than neighborhood locals, Columbia Students and tourists that might be tempted to drop in for Coffee and taste pastries like Sour Cherry Strudel, Croissants, and Coffee or the Dobos Torte, a Hungarian specialty.

A great “Double-Header” and wonderful way to spend a fine weekend day would be to take a train from wherever you might live in New York City, or if you’re a tourist, take the 1 Train to 116th Street/Columbia University and walk 4 block to 113th and Amsterdam Avenue. Go inside the incredibly beautiful Cathedral of St. John The Divine. Take a tour if possible, or just walk around, sit and contemplate, maybe pray, and just enjoy the beauty and grandeur before you. Take at least a half-hour, an hour or more, you won’t get bored. When you’re finished, go across the street for a coffee and pastry, or the best Croissant in town. Grab a table, sit back, relax and enjoy. And all for just about $10 to $15 total. You couldn’t have a better time, nor see more beauty, or get a a better croissant, not even for 15 Hundred. Believe me!

PS The equally beautiful Riverside Cathedral is only a few blocks from Cathedral of St. John Divine is another beautiful Cathedral, The Riverside Cathedral on Riverside Drive at 119th Street .. And 3 blocks up at Riverside Drive and 122nd Street you’ll find the answer and evidence to that age-old question, “Where is Grant Buried?” In Grant’s Tomb Yes, which is at 122nd Street and Riverside Drive overlooking The Hudson River in Manhattan, New York, NY … How Bout That?



Can Your Hear Me Knocking, The Rolling Stones “Sticky Finger”  Got my Coffee! Yes I’m having my coffee, at my favorite local cafe in Greenwich Village. They’ve been playing The Stones, one great song after the other. Maybe it’s Grrrr, the Rolling Stones latest compilation album with tons of great Rolling Stones Hits and that big Gorilla on the cover. “Rock On.” Yes, drinking my coffee, a favorite pastime, reading the paper (NY Times and Daily News), listening to The Rolling Stones. What’s Better than that? The Stones, The World’s Greatest Ever Rock-N-Roll Band and ma Coffee. “I Love it!” Thank God they’re not playing any “Rap Crap” or any of the other Horrible Music they make these days. No, just great quality, good ol Rock-N-roll, and the best, The Rolling Stones. Just thought I’d let you know. And think about, “What Could Be Better Than Coffee and The Rolling Stones?” Not much, or a lot of things you might say, but just for 3-Bucks, I got my Coffee, sitting in a nice quiet relaxing Cafe listening to Keith, Mick, Charlie, Mick Taylor, and Ron Wood, The Rolling Stones and Coffee, “No It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than That.”

PS ..  also playing, Sympathy For The Devil, Satisfaction, Ruby Tuesday,19th Nervous Breakdown, Dead Flowers, and-on-and-on .. “The Hits Just Keep Coming.” This is a simple pleasure of life my Friends …

Daniel Bellino Zwicke





CAFE du MONDE New Orleans

Gonna give a little “Shout Out” to The Big Easy, New Orleans and one of the World’s Great cafes, Cafe Du Monde. Thee one place that everyone goes to more than any other when in New Orleans, whether you’re a visitor or you live there, you go to The Cafe Du Monde for their great Beignets and Cafe Creme, and, and the show and the ambiance that is thee “One and Only” Cafe Du Monde.

The Place is open 24/7 364 days a year, closed on just Christmas day, i do believe. Situated right upon the Mighty Mississippi River at The French Market in the French Quarter across the street from Jackson Square. This is one of thee hearts of New Orleans if not thee number one one.

   I always make at least one or two visits whenever I’m in New Orleans. You get a nice cup of Coffe “Cafe Creme” and the cafes justly famous Beignets, all for just about four bucks. And you get to sit in a lively cafe where just about everyone goes to. 

       You might want to head down the Decatur Street for a tasty Muffuletta Sandwich (Best in New Orleans) at The Central Grocery. A Muffuletta Sandwich at Central Grocery is a must have when in Nola, then you can go to the Cafe Du Monde for dessert and coffee. After these two stops, if your in the mood for a nice libation, it’s just a few steps down Decatur to Tujague’s, one of new Orleans oldest restaurants, like Cafe  Du Monde they opened around 1862.. Go to the stand-up bar Tujgue’s for a cocktail, and if you like, order a grasshopper, this is where it was invented.

   Or if you gotta sit down when you drink, head just a couple blocks away to

Napoleon House, one of the World’s Great Bars. Napoleon House was built by The Mayor of New Orlean’s, Mayor Girod for Napoleon Bonaparte to leave his exile in Elba and come to live in New Orleans in this home Girod had built for him. Napoleon died and never made it, but you can make it there and have a Bourbon old Fashion, a Sazerac, Ramos Fizz, or their House Specialty Cocktail a “Pimms Cup.”

   And I must say as someone who has traveled all around the World, from paris to Rome, Capri to Amsterdam, Buenos Aires to Rio de Janiero, LA to Hong Kong to Saigon to Havana, Cuba, New Orleans is one of The Coolest Cities in The World. I Love it.

     And as a lover of New Orleans and as a New Yorker and concerned American, I’m surprised and astonished to why more New Yorkers don’t go down and spend a few wonderful days in New Orleans They love it, but I don’t see many New Yorkers going there and they should. For one, new Orleans is one of the Coolest Places in the World, with great restaurants, Awesome Food, wonderful architecture, and some of the World’s Best Music, it’s everywhere. And the people? They’re wonderful. Also, since Hurricane Katrina, the town and the people of New Orleans could use new Yorkers and all Americans supports, and I don’t see it. So do yourself a favor, go down and spend a few fun filled days in The Big Easy, New Orleans, I assure you, “You’ll be glad you did.”


Daniel Bellino Zwicke







Daniel Bellino Zwicke



My Morning Coffee. Couldn’t live without it. Get’s me goin, hundreds of Millions a day. each and every day. You just gotta have that cup of Joe. For most Americans, it’s in the house, though millions get it out. On the go, at the office, or if your lucky, you’ll sit down and enjoy it leisurely at your local cafe, as I.

I Love my morning Coffee, the Coffee itself, but it’s not just the coffee, it going to the cafe, chit-chatting with the counter girls, maybe bumping into a friend, or having a conversation with a cafe regular like me.
I’m happy to get my Coffee, jump onto my Laptop, read the News, my emails, Surf, do a bit of writing, Or a lot!
And that first sip. Taste so Good. I just Love it, “warm and Comforting” that Morning Coffee is. Don’t you just Love it? I do! How many Millions do? Americans, Italians, the French, Swedes, an-on-and-on, 1 Billion people every day, Two or Three, who knows. OK, I just did a little research (I wouldn’t have been able to do this Pre-Internet Days). OK, about 150 Million Americans drink about 225,000,000 cups of coffee every day. Worldwide about 1.5 Billion people drink about 225 Billion cups of Coffee on a daily basis. Wow!
In Italy, your morning Coffee could be either an Espresso or Cappuccino, but after 1130 A.M. Italians no longer would drink Cappuccino or Caffe Latte any longer in the day, and they laugh at Americans who order a Cappuccino in a restaurant after Dinner.
For me, my morning Coffee has just gotta be a regular. Nothing else will do. Well maybe an occasional Cappuccino which was my morning coffee for years at what used to be my favorite Caffee for a couple decades, Caffe Dante. I Loved my Cappuccino, but many a time, I sat there in Caffe Dante wishing I had a Regular Cup of Joe. The cappuccino doesn’t last as long as that Cup of Joe, plus it’s “Twice the Price,” and when you go out for about 800 Coffees a year, as I do, the price of the Cappuccino plus tip can add up to quite a lot more Money. I’ve figured it out, to about $750 a year if I still had the same Cafe and Coffee drinking habits as in the past.
A regular American Coffee is more satisfying, just the right balance of roast Coffee Beans brewed in the drip method with just the right amount of water. I add some Milk, no sugar, and for me, that is my perfect cup of Morning Coffee. You can keep your high priced Cappuccino, Espresso, and those ridiculous things they serve to Amateur Coffee Drinkers at Starbucks. It’s all Marketing which most Americans are easily Brainwashed into. The same reason that “Ridiculous Sitcoms like Two and a Half men and other sitcoms are popular. And the same reason why that “Awful Garbage Hip Hop” is so popular. Most Americans have “Horrible Taste,” are Followers, and easily Brainwashed. Sorry, but this could be the only reason why Millions would pay Millions of Dollars every day for “Abortionated Drinks” like Caramel Lattes and the like, and such “Awful Tasteless Noise as Hip Hop.”
Ok, I’ve made my point. Back to my Morning Coffee, and it’s just gotta be a “Regular.” In New York, a “Regular Coffee” is King. No matter that many Cappuccinos, Espresso, those ridiculous Starbucks Concoctions are drunk everyday. In comparison they make up just a small percentage of the many various forms of coffee that can be made. Regular American Coffee is king, whether in your home, on the go from a Deli, after Lunch or Dinner in a restaurant, or even in, yes Starbucks. More than 85% of the millions of cups of coffee made every single day in New York, day after day, 365 of them a year, 85% of them are the good old American Classic, American Coffee. A Regular.
by Daniel Belllino Zwicke








This joint is one of my FAVES!!!! Nobody knows about it! Guaranteed if ask 1,000 New Yorkers if they’ve ever heard about this place, let alone if they’d ever been there, you be hard pressed to find a one. I’m gonna let the “Cat Out of the Bag.” People should start paying me for this.

Yes F. Restaurant on Clinton Street down on the Lower East Side (LES) of New York is without a doubt one of the Coolest restaurants you could ever dream of going to. Paris Hilton has never been there.

F. Restaurant is a restaurant that serves incrediably tasty Puerto Rican Cusine. “Bet you’ve never had any? Yes you!”
You will pretty much only find Lationos and Latinas at this joint. i’ve been going their for about 15 years now. “Love It!”

The food is oh so tasty, and the prices are tailor made for the sluggish ecconmic times we now live in (2008). Hope we go on a upswing soon. “Very soon.” Most dishes are about $1.20 or $1.50 a piece. Yes this is not a typo, dishes that cost $1.20 a piece. You can make a small meal out of just two. if you’re Papa Relleno which is a Fried Potato Ball that isstuffed with ground beef as well. “Yum!” They also have wonderful Morcilla (Blood Sausage) and Pollo Fritto (fried chicken).

They have the “Coolest” sign you have ever seen hanging over the counter area that says “If WIFE CAN’T COOK, DON’T DIVORCE HER, BRING HER HERE,” Bring her here to eat with you.” The sign is written in both Spanish and English. “Cool as Hell!”
You’ve gotta LOVE IT, and if you ever go, you’ll just Love “F. Restaurant” down on the Lower East Side.


F. Restaurant….. Clinton Street, just North of Delancy


Sadly, this restaurant Closed a few years ago, but it was great while it lasted.




On Rivington STREET is without a doubt, the Greatest Restaurant Food deals in all of NEW YORK. Five “DELICIOUS PORK DUMPLINGS” for a BUCK. That’s right $1.00. You just can’t beat that. Not even anywhere in South East Asia where you can Thee Most AMAZING STREET FOOD in the WORLD. You get amazing Food on the Streets of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Saigon , and Hanoi for just .75 Cents or a dollar. The thing is, most people in NEW YORK probably make close to 10 times the amount of Money that most people in South East Asia do. so when you can get a amazing dish for the same amount of Money as In South Asia and you’re in NEW YORK making considerably more, 5 “PERFECT PORK DUMPLINGS” in NEW YORK may very well be the “Greatest” food deal in the entire WORLD.  2 HOTDOGS and 1 of their famous Fruit Drinks at Gray’s Papaya is pretty good as well, but I think the Dumpling House may have them beat…











Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 12.01.18 PM



PORTO RICO COFFEE, ROCCO’S PASTRY,and FAICCO’S PORK STORE, all in GREENWICH VILLAGE, NEW YORK and all three are the “BEST’ of their prospective fields. Rocco’s pastry is without a doubt the Best Italian Pastry Shop in all of New York City. Their Cookies are Killer, as are their Pastries, and Cakes. Try the Lemon Cookies, Cannoli, and Rhum Babba. Tehy have Great Italian Ices as well and excellent coffee.

Speaking of EXCELLENT COFFEE, there is none better than PORTO RICO COFFEE with their Flagship and origianl store on Bleecker Street near 6 th Avenue, with a location on St. Marks Place in the East Village and another in Soho (pictured above) on Thompson Street. Porto Rico Coffee buy their own “Green Coffee Beans” and Roast all their Coffee themselves in the back of their Bleecker Street Store. They have a tremendous variety of diffent roast; Italian Espresso, French Roast, Mocha, Hazelnut, Danish Roast, Peter’s Blend, and a host of others, about 60 different varieties. Their prices are phenominal. “Cheap.” It’s a mazing, they often have coffee on sale for as low as $5.99 a pound. It really amazes me as to why anyone in their right mind would ever by coffee from Starbucks at $12.95 a pound when the coffee at Porto Rico Coffee is far Superior and tremendously cheaper. “Better and Cheaper?”
“Are people out of their minds, why buy an inferior Mass Produced Chain Coffee at close to twice the price of a product that is Superior, “PORTO RICO COFFEE is the BEST in New York,” and for less!!! “Dahhh!!???”

Speaking of the “BEST,” across the street from Rocco’s Pastry and 1 block West of Porto Rico’s main store, you have the Best Pork Store in New York, Faicco’s on Bleecker near Cornelia Street. You can get the most amazing fresh Italian Sweet and Hot Sausage, along with Sopressetta, Brociola, Pork Chops, Steaks, and Prosciutto di Parma and Parmigiano Reggiano. Everything at Faicco’s is of Superior Quality, You can’t get any better than Faicco’s, Rocco’s Pastry, or Porto Rico Coffee.

Also on the street with Faicco’s and Rocco’s is the famous Murray’s Cheese Shop and John’s Pizzweria for some of the “Best Pizza” on the Planet.