Best Burger in New York

Good Burgers, but Far From The Best
New York’s Best Burger? Who makes it? Or who makes, plural, New York’s Best Burgers. Well first off, Minetta Tavern does not make the Best Burger in New York. Far from it. And of the Burgers at Minetta Tavern, forget the highly overrated Black Label Burger, the Minetta Burger has it beat, though there are better Burgers in New York. For, one, the Burger I make at my house in Greenwich Village, just two blocks away from Minetta Tavern is far superior, a buch tastier burger than you’ll get at Minetta Tavern., but there’s one thing we have in common when making New York’s best burger. And the Burger I make in my house is way Better than the Burgers at Minetta Tavern.
So what’s the difference you ask? And you want to know what it is I have in common with the Burgers at Minetta Tavern? The thing I have in common with Minetta Tavern when making my Burger that is without question one of the Best in New York, and for a whole lot less money (about $3.10). Yes, thing that Minetta Tavern has in common with me, in our Burger making, is that we both buy our meat from pat LaFrieda, it’s just that I use the better blend than Minetta Tavern. The Black Label Burger Blend by Pat LaFrieda is made with Dry Aged Beef, which though people would want you to think otherwise, dry aged beef is one of the worst things you can use to make a burger. Dry Aged Beef is old meat, and is actually meat that is deteriorating. It’s much better to use fresh beef when making a burger, and that’s all their is to it, and Minetta Tavern uses Dry Aged Beef for its Black Label Burger. Not good.
I have in the past year used numerous sources to buy ground beef for my burgers. I buy meat from one of the best Butcher Shops in New York, which is Florence Prime Meat Market on Jones Street in Greenwich Village. I’ve been buying Sausages, and Steaks from this great old Italian Butcher, which to me is the best butcher shop in all of New York. I mostly bought steaks here, and it’s relatively recently that I started buying ground beef to make burgers with. I was there buying myself a Newport Steak (Specialty of The House) one day, when I watched an elderly neighborhood lady getting individual Hamburger Patties made for her. I started chatting with here about the burgers, and she said she loved them, so I said I’d get some of them, my next time at the butcher shop, and so I did a couple weeks later. I’ve tried both the chuck and the sirloin ground beef from the market. They both made fine burgers.
Trader Joe’s recently opened in my neighborhood, and I’ve tried a couple different types of their ground beef (80/20 and 85/15 ratios), and they both made pretty good burgers.
Today, I wanted to get a couple burger patties from Florence Prime Meats, but they were closed when I got there, so I made my way over to Grestide’s. I went to the meat counter and spotted Pat LaFrieda’s Burger Blend made with Beef Brisket, Chuck, and Beef Short Ribs. There were 4 Patties in the package, for $8.99, at $2.25 a Burger, it’s more than I normally spend, but if I can get a better burger it will be well worth it. I’m still trying to get a Burger to taste as good as the ones I made from the meat that my cousin Joe gave me, that was a pacckage of 4 Black Angus Burger Patties from Wayside Market in Southhold, New York, on the North Fork of Long Island. The Burgers I made with that meat, may very well be the Best Burgers I’ve ever had in my life. “I kid you not,” and I have witnesses to back me up on this. Anyway, I wanted to see if this Burger Blend from pat LaFrieda could come close, or dear I say, be better than those Burgers made with the Black Angus Patties from Wayside Market.
So I bought the burger blend and headed on home. I got my stuff ready. I sliced some New York Cheddar Cheese, and sliced some onions. I toasted and buttered an English Muffin, heat my pan, poured in a bit of oil, and threw my burgers in to cook. As the burgers were cooking, I put a little dijon Mustard on one side of the Muffin. I seasoned the burger with salt, and flipped it over to the other side. Then I seasoned the top side with salt and black pepper. The Burgers cooked another 4 minutes, and then I turned the heat off and let the burger rest for 3 minutes before putting it on top of cheese on on side of the muffin. A put a little nob of butter on top of the burger, then a little Ketchup before topping the Burger with the other half of the bun. I put it on the plate and brought it to the table. I grabbed the burger, bit into it, and from the very first bite, I htought “Wow,” it was a dam good burger, and better than any of the meat I’d bought in the past year, including Florence Prime Meat. Wow, this was impressive, and the Pat LaFrieda meat was well worth the bit more than I paid for it, and a real bargain when you consider that a McDonald’s McDouble cost about $2.69, and a superior burger like this, with more meat, cost just about .35 Cents more than the inferior McDonald’s Cheeseburger. Dam!
Yes, I loved the burger. This Burger that I just made at my house was without question better than almost any burger I’ve had in New York. my Cheeseburger was better than The Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern, or the Minetta Burger, it’s better than the Shake Shack Burger which I normally love but wasn’t that happy with their burgers the last two times I was at Shake Shack (Mine is Better). My Burger tasted better than the JG Melon Cheeseburger (I Love), but not better than the Burger I had at Charle’s Prime, which was the only Burger I’ve had in New York City that was better than the Burger I made at home.: But as good as this burger I made at home with the Pat LaFrieda Burger Blend, “it was Dam Good, but not as Good as the Burger that I made at home with the burrgers from that box of 4 Black Angus Patties from Wayside Market of Southhold, NY.
Cooked at My House in GREENWICH VILLAGE
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Josh Ozersky recently posted a major statement on his Ozersky TV .. And I do mean major. Stating that thee Best Burger in all of our great city of New York was at The Brindle Room on East 10th Street in The East Village, just 2 blocks from Josh’s house. In Ozersky’s latest video where he proclaims New York’s Best Burger is at The Brindle Room, the Best Roast Beef Sandwich (in The World)  is at Eataly, and Eisenberg’s has the Best Chocolate Cake. In fact Josh is sitting at the counter at Eisenberg’s in this video, after it looks like he just finished a Rueben Sandwich (we think?). Josh proclaims that The Brindle Room has New York’s best Burger, it may sound crazy he says, “The Best Burger is at The Brindle room, the Best Roast Beef Sandwich is at Eataly, the Best Chocolate Cake at Eisenberg’s and I Don’t Give a SHIT !!!  I know it Sounds Crazy and i shouldn’t say it, But I Believe in it and I’m Happy to Believe it.”

Love Your Passion Josh. That’s what you believe and you’ll stick by it, and you don’t give a shit what others think. Your not a follower. I’m the same way, I don’t let others lead me around and I’m passionate about food, restaurants and life, and i say what I feel not what others tell me. Anyway, great video. Of course it had be all pumped up and wanting to run right over to The brindle to check it out. After that major proclamation from Josh, how could I not? I was stoked.

So now I go to the Brindle Room. After Ozersky’s video and statement that New York’s Best Burger is at the Brindle Room. Not at Minetta Tavern where Ozersky is in Love with The Black Label Burger (Minetta Burger is better by-the-way), nor Shake Shake, or what and whoever. No Josh likes The Brindle room Burger and says “It’s The Best,” the best in New York City. OK, so I’m at the Brindle Room. It’s brunch and I’m not in the mood. had way to much to drink this week, and I always keep myself in check. So, I get a coffee, and it’s dam good. Well is this an indication of things to come? I wait a little while enjoying my coffee. The Burger comes, and right off the bat it smells and looks good. Great! I bite into, and yes, it’s good, “Dam Good.” Before I bit in, I checked the maillard and it’s nice and brown and crispy, just like Josh said. Yeah it’s good, covered with sauteed onions, though Josh recommends sliced raw onion and American cheese. The dry-aged beef, is liberally seasoned with lots of salt and pepper, i ordered the burger medium but it comes more like Medium-Well. No matter it still taste great. Yes, it taste great Josh. But the Best? Afraid not. Not to me. I respect Josh Ozersky’s opinion, he’s The Guru of Burgers and has written a wonderful book on them, but New York’s Best Burger, I can’t go along on this one. Yes the Burger is dam good and I can see why you would say it’s the best as to me it is in the category of New York’s Best. Yes it’s quite good. But to me, no one beats Shake Shack, I don’t care what you say; Black Label Burger, The Minetta Burgerm, Lure, JG Melon (my second fave in NY), Peter Luger or whoever, to me The Shake Shack serves up New York’s Top (Best ) Burger. Period! That’s all I have to say for now.

Again to Josh, I respect your opinion, love your videos and writings, but I don’t think The Brindle Burger is Best. My next stop after seeing your video is Schnippers which looks great and of a classic burger. Later.


SPAM BACON and Taylor Ham !!!!





A Couple Million Hawaiians Can’t Be Wrong !



Pork and Why do I Love all Products Made from it So! Spareribs are the “Best,” Bacon, Sausages, Pork Chops, Ham, Spam, McRibs, and? Yes I Love them all so! And Why? Why? What else? They’re Tasty! It’s Tasty! Pork and all things made from it. I Pity Vegetarians and Others who do not eat it, Pork, Ham, and Spam.

Robin Raisfeld in her story “Trendlet: It’s Baloney,” this week in New York spark my interest when I say the big beautiful picture of a slice of tasty Mortadella, “King of All Baloneys.”
As I read farther into the article, I was so happy to see a picture of a gorgeous “Taylor Ham and Egg Sandwich.” And it immediately brought out the in Jerseyite in me. As anyone who grew up or ever lived in New Jersey, they’ll tell you of their Love of “Taylor Ham,” the unofficial “State Meat.” Taylor Ham? Why? Well, first off, Taylor Ham was invented in Trenton New Jersey. It’s super tasty. Jerseyites and former ones (like Me) Love it, and you can only get it in New Jersey. More or less. Why? I don’t know. Can Jerseyites be smarter than New Yorkers who have never caught on to this wonderful Pork product from the Garden State. After moving to New York some 26 years ago, besides from missing my family, my only other regret of leaving New Jersey, is missing and yearning for my beloved Taylor Ham. You just can’t get it in the Big City. Well, hardly ever. Do New Yorkers not like it? Is it reserved for Jerseyites only? Don’t know! All I know is I miss it inside a Taylor Ham and Egg Sandwich or on my breakfast plate accompanying a couple fried eggs.
Reading the article and be reminded of my “Long Lost Love,” Taylor Ham, I’m also painfully reminded of another recent dumping by a Loved one. That being my beloved “McRib.” How I Love it so! After a brief Love Affair with her, way back in 1989. She disappeared! Why? I do not know. And for some 21 years. And then one lovely day last year. It was in October, what day I do not know. She reappeared. Back into my life once again. And the Love Affair was on again. On my part like it never ended. I Loved, as much and more than ever. Forgiving her and not think of the long cruel Separation brought on by her. She had deserted me. But I didn’t care. We got together more than 20 times this passed October, November, and was it a few days into December? I do not know. Once again, my beloved McRib disappeared. Into a dark December night. Why? I do not know? I only know that however long it may take. I’l wait. Just please my Love, do not make it another 21 years. My beloved McRib.

by Daniel Bellino Zwicke
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