HARRY’S BAR Worlds Coolest Restaurant



The World’s Coolest Restaurant? Why, it’s Harry’s Bar,

Venice of course. Without a doubt. There is no contest for any to compete. Well many will beg to differ, but I know better, and better than most. No Brag, Just Fact! Let me tell you why.

If you are in any of the Great Renowned Cities of the World, cities such as; New York, Paris, Rome, Bangkok, Tokyo, London,

Hong Kong, wherever. There will in all these cities be a number of restaurants where the In-Crowd, the Jet-Set, Those in The Know, the Movers-and-Shakers of the World will go to. There are usually at least 6 to 12 restaurants for those in the know to go to. For example, if you are in my City, New York and you are one of these people, “Those In the Know,” you might go to any one of these restaurants. right now in the year 2011 these restaurants would be; Minetta Tavern,

Bar Pitti, The Waverly Inn, Pastis, Momofuku Ssam, The Standard Grill, John Dory at The Ace Hotel, and at least 6 others. Same goes for LA, London, Paris, Rome, and so-on.

In Venice there are many restaurants, but really just one more or less that “Everyone Who is Anyone” will go when in town. One, that one is “Harry’s Bar.” No other restaurant in the World quite like it. If you are of the Jet Set, The In Crow, those “In-The-Know,” you’ll know one thing for sure, when you go to Harry’s Bar you will be amongst the all of

The “in Crowd” will be there and nowhere else. Well this is a bit of an exaggeration to make a point, but this point is true 85% of the time.

And of the place, Harry’s Bar, Venice. And i keep saying Harry’s bar Venice, for it is thee only one, but there are many others around the World with the same name. There is only one Great “Harry’s Bar” and that is Harry’s Bar, Venice at the Vaporetto stop of San Marco.

Yes, and of Harry’s. The restaurant is Wonderful. It has a beautiful casual elegance in the decor. The place is always filled with the “Beautiful People,” the service is great, and the food Fabulous. Though at a price. Harry’s bar is very expensive. For some this is of no consequence, but if it is expensive for you, it is definitely worth a splurge. The place is awesome.

After-All, they invented the “Bellini” Cocktail here. And

Beef Carpaccio as well.

Over the years, everyone and everyone has passed through the doors; Kings, Queens, Presidents, Prime Ministers,

Rock Stars, Movie Stars, you name it. Too many to name, never-the-less, I will name some names; Ernest Hemingway, Grace Kelly, Onassis, Sir Winston Churchill, Humphrey Bogart, Mick Jagger, George Clooney, Jude Law, Gwyneth Palthrow and on-and-on. And you if you go, of course.

If you go to Harry’s Bar, you will Love it. The place is filled with quite a exciting energy. It’s a experience you’ll always remember. So, do remember, The World’s Coolest restaurnat, Harry’s Bar, Venice that is.


 by Daniel Bellino Zwicke

Cipriani Downtown ……Soho New York

Cipriani Downtown. “Eurotrash Central.” Some might say. Well, it is true I guess. The place is often filled with them, Eurotrash, moneyed Europeans with cash, Ferrari’s, Rolex Watches, Prada, Monolos, and Gucci Bags and Glasses.

Yes, some of the clientele can be pretentious, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that Downtown Cipriani is a great restaurant with a wonderfully unique ambiance, where one can really have a nice time. I have, and on numerous times.
Yes, it is insanely expensive, I bopped in for a Negroni the other day, $21.00, not including the tip. Add tip, an even $25 spot, for just one little drink. The famed Carpaccio (Invented by founder Giuseppe Cipriani) is $28, the Tagiolini Gratinee is $27, and a Veal Milanese will set you back $41.
Cipriani gets a lot of negative feedback from people who can’t handle the place, but for everyone who hates it, I’ll show you 10 who Love it. As for me, I can easily understand why certain people may not like the place. Myself and about a dozen friends who I go there with, we Love it. The place is a lot of Fun, Vibrant and “Full of Life.” The ambiance is awesome! If you’ve ever been to the Mother-Ship “Harry’s Bar” in Venice you will recognize some Harry’s Bar’s famous decor style of smaller tables and chairs along with smaller flatware and Silverware, but the Silverware is real Silver and beautiful. The Bar is of the same Wood of that at the famous Harry’s Bar and the walls of Downtown Cipriani are filled with fabulous Art-Work that would never Fly at harry’s in Venice, but is just perfect here in what was once the Capital of New York Art, Soho. There is a incrediable large Photo of Wild Horses running of the Wilds of the West, it’s “Magnificent.” I Love the Big Picture of Dizzy Gilesseppe and Beautiful Girls as well.
And of the food, I don’t care what anyone says, “It’s superb.”
The Pasta Dishes are awesome, as is the famed Beef Carpaccio, Calves Liver Venenziana, and just about anything.
if you’ve never been there, check it out, you might Love it. But then again, you might not. I have had many Good times there. I love it. If you don’t, you have the choice of never having to go again, but there will be thousands to take your place.
Daniel Bellino Zwicke

photos Daniel Bellino Zwicke


When it comes to great Italian Food, in a city (New York) that is known to have the Best Italian Food in the World outside of Italy, it’s hard to beat Bar Pitti, which is why Bar Pitti may very well be the “Best Italian Restaurant” in New York City! Yes!
Wait a minute, scratch that “maybe.” No, Bar Pitti serves without a doubt, thee “Best Italian Food in New York.” You don’t think so? name one that is better. And please only qualified people please. No followers or Hack Food Critics like
Frank Bruni.
Who could compete? Maybe Babbo, Del Posto, Elio’s, Lupa. They are all good, but none as good and consistent as Bar Pitti.
Il Mulino is absolutely “Aweful!” An “Overpriced Lackluster Restaurant” with horrible ambiance, mechanical annoying service, and food that is merely good, and no better and insanely “High Prices.” It’s a place for “Followers” who run with the crowd and wouldn’t know real good Italian Food if it came up and Bit Them in The Ass.
Babbo many would say. Well Babbo is quite good, but just can’t hold up to Bar Pitti with more of a true Italian feel, great food at truly real Italian Prices. Babbo is a great Special Occasion restaurant, but for everyday eating, Babbo doesn’t even come close to Bar Pitti for “Great Quality Price Ratio,” and even not considering the prices, if they were the same, though the food at Babbo is very good and I’ve had a few very enjoyable meals there, I have been disappointed a couple of times, something that has “Never” happened to me at Bar Pitti and I’ve eaten there more times, yet never been disappointed, not once, and always had a great time. So even if the prices were the same, Bar Pitti still has an edge, with Better More Consistent Authentic Italian Food than Babbo.
How bout Maialino, Laconde Verde, Osteria Morini, and others? As MC Hammer would say, “Can’t Touch This.”
So if you’re looking for Thee “Best Italian Food in New York” there’s one name, “Bar Pitti.”

Recommended Dishes:

Coda d’Vacinara (Braised Oxtails) 150 Points on a 100 Pt Scale

Bolito d’Manzo (Boiled Beef) Taste a whole Lot Better than it sounds!

Polpettine d’ Vitello (Veal Meatballs)

Fegato al Salvia (Calves Liver sauteed w/Sage)

Paparadelle con Sugo d’Coniglio (Pasta with Rabbit Ragu)

PUNTARELLE Wild Roman Greens Salad w/Anchovy Dressing

by Daniel Bellino Zwicke