Daily Wine News: 2020 Napa Wines

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In the San Francisco Chronicle, Esther Mobley gets a taste of Napa wines from 2020, a fire-ravaged year. “The existence of these high-end Napa wines plainly contradicts the narrative that began to circulate during the fall of 2020, when many wineries declared that they would not be making any wine that year. The reason: They feared their wines had been marred by smoke taint…Yet it’s clear that 2020 was not, in fact, a lost vintage.” 

In Wine-Searcher, Wink Lorch delves into what is required to be considered a mountain vineyard. “Regional marketing/PR departments, brand managers and even vineyard owners love to bandy around how high their vineyards are…What is a mountain vineyard anyway? And exactly how high are these vineyards? Is the height above sea level really the key to freshness? And is this measure the most important one? No, unless it’s placed into context, altitude may not be significant.”

Tight allocations are not new to Burgundy, but 2021-vintage en primeur release volumes may be even smaller than usual in some cases, reports Christ Mercer in Decanter.

Wine Spectator remembers the wine industry members who died in 2022.

Alfonso Cevola reflects on 17 years of blogging about Italian wine. “The world of Italian wine is getting more diverse, in regards to the people who love Italian wine. Different cultural perspectives are blossoming in the world, and the world of Italian wine (and Italy, in general) is experiencing a shift…I still have something to say, but so do many other folks, too. And I am excited to listed and learn from my brothers and sisters, young and old, from all over the world.”

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In Wine Enthusiast, Samantha Sette offers a guide to grappa, whose evolution “is a result of both tradition and reinvention.”

And in the World of Fine Wine, some tips on pairing wine with cheese from some of the winners of the publication’s World’s Best Wine Lists.

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Title: Daily Wine News: 2020 Napa Wines
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