That Started The Whole Craze

No Longer in Business


Just $1.50

They were 5 DUMPLINGS For $1.00

When I First Started Going to VANESSA DUMPLING

Long Beffore They Exploded


I was one of the First in NEW YORK to Discover these Great Super Cheap Chinese Dumpling Houses in the LOWER EAST SIDE of NEW YORK. 99 ALLEN on Allen Street just Below Delamcey Street was the FIRST. I started going there way back in about 2003 when you got a wopping 5 DUMPLINGS for Just $1.00 .. Dam??? Yes 5 for One Dollar. These days you get 4 for $1.50 which is till a pretty good deal and one of the BEST CHEAP EATS in the City Bar None. In Fact, this is probably the # 1 BEST There Is.

Yes 99 ALLEN was the first of the now famous and much loved Cheap Eats CHINESE PORK DUMPLING HOUSES. The Dumpling House on Eldridge Street around the corner form 99 Allen ccame next and did quite well. So well in fact they expanded (Double the size), got hugely popular with the masses and put 99 ALLEN Out of Business.

Next came PROSPERITY DUMPLING 3 blocks down on ELDRIDGE which I was one of the FIRST to discover. This place was GREAT but didn’t catch on the way VANESSA did and they went out of business as well.

VANESS Now has 3 Locations, the ORIGINAL in The Lower East Side, one on 14th STREET and one in WILLIANSBURG. It’s great to see them going into new neighborhoods and making their BEST CHEAP EATS of NEW YORK Available around the city.



It used be called Simply DUMPLING HOUSE

Before Expansion and Renovation

And Name Change


“Prosperity Dumpling”

the Best Kept Secret of the Lot. Shaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!”

No longer in Business


“I LOVE PROSPERITY DUMPLING and used to get a couple orders for dinner after I got my $5 HAIR CUT at the CHINESE HAIR SALON up the block.”






They are without Question one of NEW YORK ‘S BEST CHEAP EATS Joints to be found anywhere in the City. Check them out, I highly reccomend them.



You Can also Get NOODLE SOUP

and other Items at C&L DUMPLING HOUSE








>New York’s Best Cheap Eats Deal, Pork Dumplings $1.00

>Know what New York’s Best Cheap Eats Deal is? No, it’s not “Grays Papaya” 2 Hotdogs and a Fruit Drink for $3.50, we love “Grays” and yes it is a Great Deal, but it just can’t beat 5 tasty Hand-Made Pork Dumplings for just a “Buck.” No it can’t. This is an even better deal than the Great Cheap Street Eats in South East Asia. I have eaten all over Asia, and the Street-Food just can’t be beat or it”Excellence and Variety,” but if you consider that you get a great Dish for just about $1.00 allover Asia; Bangkok, Saigon, Phuket, Cambodia, all over. The food that you get is just amazing! But if you consider that New Yorkers make an average of 10 times as much as the average South East Asian and you can get an order of Pork Dumplings on the Lower East Side of Manhattan for the same amount of money you pay for a portion of Street Food in
South East Asia, then maybe the 5 Pork Dumplings on the Lower East Side isn’t just the Best Food Deal in New York, but the World!

99 Allen Fried Dumpling was the first to start the Dumpling House Trend. Then came No. 1 Dumpling (now called Vanessa Dumpling House) and caught on like “Gangbusters” packed day and night. They never stop. In a tiny little shop, and you used to always have to wait to get an order or two. One order is enough as a in-between meal, and two orders is enough to make a complete meal that will fill you at just $2.00
No. 1 Dumpling built up some great business, packed 24/7. They had a tiny little shop and decide to expand, doubling in size to make a little dining room enough to hold about 20 people as opposed to the former narrow 3 foot wide space between wall and counter and a small counter to accommodate about 5 people. They mad the place a “Fancier” compared to what it used to be.
They didn’t raise the “price” of the Dumplings but they did what the Candy Bar Companies used to do, keeping the price the same, but making the portion size a little smaller. “Yes, they kept the price at $1.00, but instead of giving you 5 Pork Dumplings like before, they cut the portion size down to 4 Dumplings for $1.00” Yes, still a Great Deal (inflation). They also raised the price of the Sesame Pancake with Beef from $1.50 to $2.00. “Yes, still a great deal.
They have added a “Peking Duck Sesame Pancake” that’s yummy and a Bargain at just $2.25

Most of the hoards of people who pack into “Vanessa’s Dumpling House’ and wait on line, have no idea that just 2 blocks south is another great alternative to Vanessa’s. It’s “Prosperity Dumpling House” at 46 Eldridge Street and it’s never packed. Even more important is that the “Dumplings” are just as good as the ones at Vanessa’s. To top it off, you get 5 Dumplings whereby Vanessa’s gives you Four, and the Sesame Pancake with Beef is $1.50 to Vanessa’s $2.00
Hey, I don’t want to “Split hairs” but these things mean a lot to some people out there. I’m just reporting.

So, for just $3.50, you can get a great meal of Fried pork Dumplings and a tasty Sesame Pancake w/Beef sandwich. you can’t beat that. And if you want to “Splurge” on desert, you can go to one of several Chinese Bakery Cafes on Grand Street between Allen and Eldridge and have a coffee and a pastry for just $2.00 That’s just $5.50 for a meal followed by coffee and desert.
That’s what we call a “Cheap Date,” but the quality is just as good as if you paid $100.00 a head or more. Check it out.