AirVi Electric Wine Opener Kit and Gift Box, Professional Wine Accessories, Automatic Corkscrew, Aerator, Foil Cutter, Wine Stopper

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Electric Opener

Electric Opener

Electric Opener

Electric Opener

AirVi Electric Opener Kit - Aerator

AirVi Electric Opener Kit - Aerator



AirVi Electric Opener Kit – Foil Cutter

The first tool necessary for a wine night – the foil cutter. This cutter is included in the AirVi Wine Opener Kit. Slide onto the foil cover, squeeze tight, twist and now the cork is exposed for opening.

AirVi Electric Opener Kit – Electric Opener

The main component in the AirVi Electric Opener Kit, the electric opener. Powered by four AA batteries (not included), this machine fits over the mouth of your wine bottle and all you do is press the down arrow. You will then see the cork being removed from the bottle. Once the cork is completely removed, press the up arrow and the cork will gradually twist off.

AirVi Electric Opener Kit – Aerator

Every glass of wine needs aeration and we include an aerator in the AirVi Electric Opener Kit. The aerator fits right into the mouth of the bottle and forces your wine to interact with oxygen which expedites the aging process. Aeration is what the AirVi brand is founded upon and an aerator will be included in your kit.

AirVi Electric Opener Kit – Bottle Stopper

The last piece of the AirVi Electric Opener Kit is the wine stopper. If you stop drinking your wine before the bottle is empty, we give you the tool to re-cork your wine bottle and preserve the wine.

Electric Opener Kit Electric Opener Kit

AirVi Electric Opener Kit

The Electric Opener Kit is continuing to round out the offerings for the AirVi Brand. This product kit now gives AirVi a product for all parts of the wine consumption process. The kit provides you with a foil cutter to give you access to the cork, the electric opener to easily open your bottle, an aerator for an elegant pour and a bottle stopper which creates a vacuum seal. This will help to significantly preserve your wine for a later occasion. With AirVi, you now have a complete set of wine accessories.

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Opener KitOpener Kit


With the simple touch of a button you can easily open a bottle of wine in seconds utilizing the AirVi Electric Wine Opener. The electric wine opener arrives in a gift box which includes a foil cutter, aerator, and a vacuum stopper. This set provides a complete wine drinking experience and makes a great gift for the wine lover in your life!

AirVi Electric Opener Kit

FOIL CUTTER – Simply place on top of your wine bottle, and twist to easily cut the foil. ELECTRIC ONE TOUCH OPENER – With the simple press of a button, open any bottle of wine in seconds, eliminating the struggle of manually removing the cork. AERATOR – Release the flavor of your wine and easily pour without any embarrassing drips or spills. VACUUM WINE STOPPER – With a few simple pumps, the vacuum wine stopper allows you to remove excess air from the bottle keeping your wine fresh. PREMIUM WINE EXPERIENCE – This is the perfect toolbox to enhance every aspect of your wine drinking experience.


Make a Splash this Holiday

Wow your friends and family by giving the gift of AirVi! Any of the AirVi branded products are the perfect gift to give a loved one. This brand is affordable yet has a premium feel to it. Anyone unveiling that AirVi logo this Holiday will surely be impressed.

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FOIL CUTTER – A very important tool to open your bottle of wine. Simply squeeze the foil cutter on the mouth of your bottle, gently twist to expose the cork.
CORDLESS ELECTRIC OPENER – No cords necessary. Your AirVi Electric Opener is battery powered (batteries not included).
AERATOR – Now that your bottle is open, further enhance the taste of your wine by pouring it through an aerator and into your glass. Using an aerator drastically improves the flavor and texture of your wine by increasing the surface area of wine exposed to oxygen. T his infusion of oxygen imitates 5 to 10 years of aging in just seconds. Nothing ages like fine wine!
VACCUM WINE STOPPER – If that bottle goes unfinished, AirViprovides you with the proper tool to preserve your wine. Insert the pump into the unfinished bottle and pump the air out until a vacuum seal is created. The pump will help maintain the freshness of your wine.
EXCLUSIVE GIFT SET – AirVi Electric Wine Opener Kit is a great product to be given as a gift to a friend or loved one. Beautifully packaged, anyone who unwraps any AirVi product will be instantly impressed! Be the gift giver that everyone is jealous of at your family events!, $39.97, [price_with_discount]

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