The Badass Cookbook


I’m Proud to Anncounce the publication of my latest cookbook,

The BADASS COOKBOOK   ….  Awesomely Badass Recipes

You Don’t Have to Be a Badass to Use it, The RECIPES ALREADY ARE 

I had a lot of Fun writing this one .. As most of you know, I primarily write Italian Cookbooks .. This is my second forray into non-Italian Cookbooks and into the World of American Cooking and America’s Favorite Foods of which this book, The BADASS COOKBOOK has the Best of The Best of America’s Favorite Dishes … Dishes Like Fried Chicken, BBQ SPARE RIBS, Bobe Sucking BBQ Sauce, The Worlds Best Potato Salad, Blue Ribbon Meatloaf, Cowboy Chili, Badass Barbecued Chicken, New England Clam Bake, Sloppy Joes, Badass Guacamole, and Much More … It’s all in The Badass Cookbook, including The Best Chocolate Chips Ever and How to Cook The Perfect STEAK …

THE BADASS COOKBOOK is Available in PAPERBACK & KINDLE Editions on  

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