La Vigila “THE FEAST of The 7 FISH” The Southern Italian Ritual Christmas Eve Meal of Seven Fish, Representing The 7 Sacraments of 
The Roman Catholic Church .. This Meal is a Sacred Ritual of The South 
of Italy and Italian-American’s in New York, New Jersey, and other Italian American enclaves across the country. And You’d be Surprised to know that is Mostly of The South of Italy and Italian-America and that Many Italians from Central Italy to The North have never heard of This Great Traditional Feast as it is Mainly of The South. Have You ever wanted to Make or Eat one, but Don’t Know Where to Start? The Know-How is Mostly Passed Down in Families from One Generation to the Next and 
Not Much Has Been Written on This Great Subject. Not Until Now anyway with The Publication of This Book by Daniel Bellino Zwicke. You Will Find Everything You Need to Know to Partake, Make, and Eat this Most Important Meal of The Italian Calender Year , with The FEAST of 7 FISH.. 

The Book Contains Stories, Recipes and Instructions on How to Make This Great Feast, Your Very Own “FEAST of SEVEN FISHES” so Cook, Make, and Partake, Mangia Bene e “Buon Natale”

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