2013 Will End Up as One of The Greatest and Most Historical Years Ever in The World of Sweets .. Baked Goods in Particular. Before the end of Summer of 2013, Millions will See The Return of Their Beloved TWINKIES .. Taken off the market in 2012 in a cruel Crushing Blow to Twinkie Fans Everywhere, The Beloved & Mythical Twinkie will be produced once again. Now that’s Big News and a major event in the annals of Food, Sweets, and American Pop Culture.

Another major historical event is currently taking place this year. The Invention of The “Cronut” is taking New York, America, and The World by Storm … A Creation of Pastry Chef Dominique Ansel of 

  Dominique Ansel Bakery in Soho, New York .. The Way it looks now is that the Cronut may one day be Just as Big as The Twinkie, perhaps bigger .. Who knows? Ever since Dominique Ansel created and sold his first Cronut, there has been a craze for this wonderful new sweet delectiable that is made of Croissant Dough That is shaped like a donut and fried, then filled with Vanilla Cream and coated with a bit of icing .. They are marvelous.


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