The famed Rialto Market of VENICE is literally 12 feet past this entrance of Pensione Guerrato (aka Albergo Guerrato) … The Rialto Fish and Vegetable Market (Meat too) has been serving the people of Venice for more than 600 years …



As you can see the building that houses the Pensione Guerrato was built in 1288 … That’s more than 700 years old folks, and more than twice as old as our country The United States of America ..




The Dining Room at the quaint and wonderful Albergo Guerrato at The Rialto in Venice. A dining room where I’ve had many wonderful Breakfasts before heading out in exploration of by beloved city of Venice ….

Yes I do love Guerrato, the quaint little hotel that sits, literally in the center of the famed food market of Venice “The RIALTO MARKET”   I first discovered this lovely little hotel on my second trip to this enchanting city in 1995 … I was just walking around looking for a great new place to stay in Venice. My first trip to La Serrenisima in 1985 i stayed at a nice little hotel Fierenze, nice, but I was looking for some place nicer. I found it in Guerrato, which I actually just stumbled upon, lucky for me, and some friends as well, who I sent to stay there and they all adored it.

Pensione Guerrato aka Albergo Guerrat is a lovely little place in the center of the famed Rialto market of Venice. They have nice clean rooms and wonderful common rooms like the dining room that are sprinkled with antiques and local paintings and pictures of Venice. The hotel is owned and is run by two young couples. Guerrato has a great location, as I’ve said in the middle of the Rialto, and not far from Piazza San Marco, Accadamia, and most of Venice’s major sights.



Daniel Bellino-Zwicke

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