Giuseppe Vajra with His Wonerful BAROLO CERRETTA LUIGI BAUDAN 2008

The Big Guns of Italian Wine were out at the annual Tre Bicchieri Tasting held at the Metropolitan Pavillion on West 18th Street yesterday. M. Rallo of Fiarrato was on hand with 3 Glass Winner Rebecca 2010 as was famed wine-maker Sebastiano Rosa who makes a great Sardenian Wine based on 100% Carrignan. It’s called Barrua and a joint venture with Cantina Santadi and Mr. Rosa. Sebastiano just so happens to be the winemaker of Italy’s most prestigious wine “SASSICAIA” which won Red Wine of The Year this year for the 2009 Vintage at the 2013 Tre Bicchieri. Wow, this is the “Best Vintage of Sassicaia” that I’ve had in the last 10 years. The wine is perfectly balanced, and when a wine is in perfect balance, there’s nothing else to say except that “It’s as Good as It Gets.” Bravo Sebastiano! Sebastiano Rosa is a member of the Incis Rochetta family who own the famed Tenuta San Guido Estate that makes Sassicaia in Bolgheri on the Tuscan Coast. Sebastiano’s cousin (Cujino) Piero Incisa Rochetta, who is usually on hand at the Tre Bicchieri Events was nowhere to be seen today. No matter, I had a nice little chat with the affable Sebastiano before I went on to taste more wine.

More wine yes. And if I was to pick out just two wines on the day that really blew me away, it was the Sassicaia 2009 and a great Barolo from my friend Giuseppe Vjra and his offering of Barolo Cerretta Luigi Baudana 2008. This wine was amazing and a perfect example of what a great and classical Barolo should taste like, with wonderful Earth, Mushroom, and fruit. The wine, if I must use the phrase again, was in perfect balance and a text-book Barolo. So if you know Barolo, you know what I’m talking about, it is a great wine. Basta!

So another Tre Bicchieri in the bag, my 17th, and as usual a great day to drink great Italian Wine, but even more so, see and hang-out with a few Wine-Making friends from Italy and fellow New York Italian Wine Guys. A great day.


SASSICAIA Winemaker SEBASTIANO ROSA with Author / New York Wine Guy Daniel Bellino-Zwicke .. Sebastiano holding a bottle of one of his other great wines that he makes in Sardinia “Barua” of 100 % Carrignano


RED WINE of THE YEAR Tre Bicchieri 2013 is SASSICAIA  2009

Winemaker Sebastiano Rosa





Firriato "REBECCA"

Firriato “REBECCA

Marco De Bartoli of Firriato


“La TAVOLA” by Daniel Bellino-Zwicke Available on

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