Five Great Italian Wines


Hey folks! These are some of my Faves from some of my Best Friends in The ITALIAN WINE WORLD; a great Sauvignon Blanc Venica “Ronco di Mele” from bud Giampaulo Venica, a great Nero di’Avola Donnafugata “Mille Una Notte” A Thousand and One Nights from friends Jose and Antonio Rallo of Donnafugata, “awesome People.” Also from Sicily (My Family’s Home Territory, Lecara Freddi) is my good friend Francesca Planeta’s offering of Cerasaulo di Vittoria Planeta, love this baby, my Favorite Brunello of all from Fattoria Barbi in Montalcino and let us not forget my good ol friend Roberto Gundler of Terrabianca and his famed Super Tuscan Wine “Campaccio.”




Daniel Bellino Zwicke


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