5 of New York's TOP BURGERS

1) Shake Shack gets my vote for New Yorks "BEST BURGER" It is the
 Quintessential American Burger, not too Fancy, no unnecessary 
 elements, cooked on a Flat-Top Grill the way any Great Burger should be, just about
 the right size5-6 oz., Excellent Quality Meat, and Cook properly to Tasty
 Perfection! PS...the Price is right!! Not $26 or even $15 or $16! Yumm,
 the BEST!!!

2) LUGER BURGER...... Excelleent Burger in a Great local. one of the
 Best-Price-Per Value, which you have to factor in to any Great Burgers
 rating, "$26 is just WRONG (Black Label Burger at Minetta) any Burger
 that cost more than $ Luger Burger is a steal at just $9.95, get some of
 the Tasty Luger Bacon to go with it, and maybe some Creamed Spinach
 and your set. Luger Burger at Lunch is one of NY's Best kept food 
 secrets. Try it some time!

3) Bills Bar and Burger. Plain and simple, Great Burger at a dam good
 price with just the right ambiance for a Burger and Beer. Talkin about
 the Original in the Meatpacking Dist. here. Haven't been to the new one
 in Rockefeller Center.

4) "Minetta Burger" not the "Black Lable Burger which is OVERPRICED
 and does not taste anywhere near as Good as The Minetta Burger
 which at $16 is just right. It is a Tasty Prime Burger served with a big
 mound of Fries that all of "Keith McNally's" Bistros are Famous for,
 they're the best in Town. And the ambiance at Minetta Tavern is
 awesome. It just can't be beat. So if you go to Minetta Tavern for a
 Burger, get the Best and Tatstiest one they make, make sure you
 order the "Minetta Burger" it greattttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
5) BISTRO BURGER at the Corner Bistro. This Burger probably won't
 make it into a lot of people Top 10 anymore, but before Burgers were
 a huge Fad and Cool, before there were Blogs and 100,0000s of
 people rating Burgers, The "Bistro Burger" at the "Corner Bistro" in
 New Yorks Greenwich Village Was New Yorks "Top Burger" for some
 30 Years! Yes! Year after Year, decade after decade the Burgers at
 the Corner Bistro was rated the BEST by the only peopel who really
 rated or reviewed Burgers for a long time; New York Magazine, the
 NY Times, Cue Magazine, The NY Post, Village Voice, and the
 Daily News. Yes, i have been disappointed by the Burger a few times
 in the past few years, not always the best, but often times it is
 Pretty Dam Good and for the fact that its only $6.50 for a Cheeseburger
 and you can get a $3 beer too but, combined with the feel of one of
 New yorks last remaining Old-School Bars and for its Nostalgic,
 historical value, and 30 Year Reign as NY's Top Burger, you just gotta
 include the Corner Bistro amongst your BestBburger Joints in NYC.

.. Daniel Bellino Zwicke ....

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